We want to answer all your Wayfinder Master Coach Training (WMCT) questions!
Here are some of the most common questions people have before they register.

If your question isn’t answered below, email us!

Yes, there was a Q&A call after the application window opens.

You are welcome to email your questions directly to

You are welcome to email your questions directly to

The prerequisites for joining WMCT can be found here.

You will also be asked to pay a $150 application fee prior to submitting your application. This will be applied to your tuition upon enrollment.

We limit enrollment to 12 participants per cohort, and acceptance is application-based. While the whole group will attend classes with Martha together, the deep practice and mentoring sessions will be in small groups of up to 10 participants.

The weekend workshops and all classes will be conducted via Zoom.

Weekly classes will be held at 1 pm ET on Tuesdays beginning in April 2024. There will be a class every Tuesday (with the exception of holiday weeks) through the end of November 2024. Plan for classes to last for up to two hours.

The exact dates of the classes and the weekend workshops can be found here.

Homework varies but we recommend that you set aside two to three hours per week outside of class time during the training.

All our classes are recorded and uploaded to your online learning site within 48 hours. You must attend a minimum number of deep practice and mentoring sessions to qualify for certification. However, that does not mean that missing a few classes is problematic. 

We will request that you provide time-stamped transcripts of your recorded sessions submitted during the program. Other than these and the required reading listed below, you are not required to purchase anything else during the training or for your WMCT certification process. Please note that there are fees charged by the ICF if you choose to certify through them. Details can be found on the ICF website.

Required reading:

  • The Way of Integrity, Martha Beck

Yes. We offer an installment plan with eight easy payments. In order to enroll and secure a spot in our training, we require a down payment. The additional seven installments will be automatically charged to your credit card approximately every 30 days.

Yes, we do offer awards ranging from 50% to 80% off the full tuition price of the Wayfinder Master Coach Training program. Click here for additional information and to apply for an award.

Your application must be completed by March 1, 2024, to be considered for the upcoming cohort. You will be informed of the status of your application by March 15.

All Wayfinder Master Coach Training participants may request a refund until the refund window closes on April 18, 2024.

To request a refund, email We will refund whatever you have paid, less a $1,495 USD service fee. The service fee will not be applied to any future training or events. We will not offer refunds after the refund window closes.

You will be asked to read Martha’s book, The Way of Integrity, prior to the first class.

If you have not already done so, please read Finding Your Own North Star and Martha’s other books that are required reading within WLCT. If you have not, please add those to your list!

At this time, English is the only language used to deliver the training and the online training materials. You are welcome to coach in any language you choose! However, all recorded coaching sessions and transcripts submitted for evaluation and certification must be in English.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the most globally-recognized independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. It also accredits programs that deliver coach-specific training.

The Wayfinder Master Coach Training is an ICF accredited coach training program (ACTP).

What does this mean for you? You will be taking part in a world-class training, and this program’s ACTP accreditation will give you the ability to pursue the ICF credential with more ease if you wish.

Anyone who successfully completes our 168-hour training will have the coach training and mentoring hours that they need to apply for certification by the ICF at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level.

Professionals with coaching skills are increasingly sought after in the business and non-profit sectors. Becoming an ICF credentialed coach can open up opportunities in areas like leadership development, executive coaching, professional development, and team-building. In some sectors, your ICF credential can be a requirement for hiring, similar to how a CPA (certified public accountant) is treated in an accounting firm.

To learn more about the ICF, visit their website.

Not quite! Becoming a Certified Wayfinder Master Coach means you will have the coach training and the mentoring hours you need to successfully apply for certification by the ICF at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. To learn more about ICF certification visit the ICF website.

We accommodate a variety of learning styles and capabilities to make our program more accessible.

Some of the accommodations we currently offer are closed captioning on all videos, an accessibility plug-in installed on and our courses website, and video and audio recording of live calls.

Our goal is to create a learning environment that meets the needs of each individual student and to maximize access to their personal success.

Please contact before enrolling to determine if your needs can be met.

Successfully completing the Wayfinder Life Coach Training program is a prerequisite for applying for Wayfinder Master Coach Training. 

At this time, we do not accept course credit from other organizations or programs. Even if you have completed an ICF-accredited ACTP or Level 2 program, you must enroll for the entirety of and successfully complete the Wayfinder Life Coach Training as a pre-requisite to apply for Wayfinder Master Coach Training.

If you have additional questions, please contact

No. We will give you everything you need during the training. This includes feedback on your observed coaching sessions, group mentoring sessions, and three individual coach mentoring sessions with a Master Coach Instructor.