The Wayfinder certification process will give you the opportunity to become as comfortable coaching as you are speaking your native language. Facilitated group coaching, individual mentoring, and personal feedback will complete your training as a Wayfinder Master Coach.

Your progress throughout the course will be evaluated as part of your certification. This will be reflected in your progress toward your own ideal coaching practice, as well as your fluency in using the tools.

Certification will consider:

  • Showing Up: Attendance + engagement (i.e., not hiding) + participation = showing up
  • Coaching Skills Mastery: Your Wayfinder Life Coach Training has taken you to competence; Master Coach training will hone your skills to mastery.
    • Deep Practice Sessions make up the bulk of your training. With your small class group, you’ll work with coaching tools to move toward your own goals and practice your coaching by helping your peers. You will be asked to coach in at least three of these classes throughout the training.
    • Group and individual mentoring sessions are built into the training. Attendance is required for certification. You’ll be expected to schedule three individual mentoring sessions outside of the regular class schedule with one of the Master Coach Mentors. This will be part of your evaluation and certification process.
    • There will be at least three recorded coaching sessions assigned during the mentoring process as part of your certification review. You will need to be able to demonstrate mastery of the Wayfinder coaching models and the ICF core competencies—the skills of a true Master Coach.
  • Meeting Deadlines: You must complete all assignments within the deadlines to be certified. Each assignment will move you forward to real-world success as a coach—and make you more able to change unwanted patterns that limit your happiness in general. We know that emergencies arise. However, the ability to meet deadlines is fundamental to true mastery of your craft.
  • Participation in Wayfinder Master Coach Training does not ensure certification as a Wayfinder Master Coach. All decisions about certification will be made by Martha Beck and the Master Coach Instructor team.

Once you become a Certified Wayfinder Master Coach, you will be eligible to be considered for teaching MBI-sponsored classes and becoming a Wayfinder Life Coach Training Instructor. Being a Wayfinder Master Coach does not guarantee these opportunities. You may also propose your own ideas to Martha Beck Inc.



Our 168-hour Wayfinder Master Coach Training is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

What does this mean for you? You will be taking part in a world-class training and this program’s ACTP accreditation will give you the ability to pursue the ICF credential with more ease if you wish.

Anyone who successfully completes our 168-hour training will have the coach training and mentoring hours that they need to apply for certification by the ICF at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Profesional Certified Coach (PCC) level.

Why would you want ICF certification? Professionals with coaching skills are increasingly sought after in the business and nonprofit sectors. Becoming an ICF-accredited coach can open up opportunities in areas like leadership development, executive coaching, professional development, and team-building. In some sectors, your ICF credential can be a requirement for hiring, similar to how a CPA (certified public accountant) is treated in an accountancy firm.