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Inclusion & Belonging

We want to share with you what we’ve been reading, listening to, or learning that has helped us continue to expand our worldview in relation to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We invite you to join us on our journey towards creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

Articles, Podcasts, and RESources

2023 Q1 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources


Question to consider (For the Coaches):
What is one way your core values are demonstrated in your life or work?



Ideal Client Profiles and Racial Profiling

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Once you’ve had a chance to listen to the episodes, we invite you to consider this question:

Based on your demographics, what is one assumption that someone has made about you that wasn’t true?

2022 Q4 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources

December 2022


Radical Curiosity: The Intersection of Brain Science and DEI with Eric Bailey

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Conscious Communications in Life and Work with Elaine Lou Cartas

Read more & Listen here

We invite you to consider this question:
What is one benefit you have experienced from navigating a conscious conversation?


Is it Imposter Syndrome?
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We invite you to consider this question:
What is one symptom of imposter syndrome you’ve had in the past that you can recognize sooner now?


This month for our focus on Inclusion and Belonging, we are diving into the concept of equitable pricing.
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We invite you to consider this question:
What thoughts come up when you explore creating pricing models for your own business?


2022 Q3 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources


To help you gain more clarity on what digital blackface is, learn more about its impact in today’s online world, and make positive changes in your own communications, we have the following article to share with you:
Unlearning Digital Blackface with Culturally-Responsible GIFing

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This article also includes a very helpful Guide to Thoughtful and Culturally Appropriate GIFing that you can download for free here.

August 2022 

“Is Urgency Using You As An Agent Of White Supremacy?”

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JuLY 2022 

Imperfect Allyship®: Why Social Change Needs Space for Imperfection

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2022 Q2 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources

June 2022 

7 Ways Companies Can Give Back to the Community

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May 2022 


Why Sharing Gender Pronouns in the Workplace Matters

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Best Practices for Using Pronouns in the Workplace and Everyplace!

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How to add pronouns to your Zoom profile

Read Here

Adding and sharing your pronouns on Zoom

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Enabling users to add and share their pronouns on Zoom

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2022 Q1 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources

MARCH 2022

Celebrating Black Joy beyond Black History Month

Listen here

Erica and India’s Podcast – Pause on the Play

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1619 Podcast

Learn More Here

So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo

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Black History, Freedom and Love Masterclass

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If You’re Ever Called Out As ‘Racist’ At Work, Remember These 4 Steps

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Diversity vs Inclusivity: Understanding the Difference

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2021 Articles, Podcasts, and Resources

December 2021 

Disability Allyship with Jennifer Sarrett

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Problematic Language & Alternatives

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Development Alchemy + Aim