courses & trainings

Lifelong learner? You’ll fit right in here. We offer world-class
training to help lead you to your right life.

courses & trainings

Lifelong learner? You’ll fit right in here. We offer world-class
training to help lead you to your right life.

Are you looking to upgrade your life and career?

look no further

If you want a way of making a living that makes you feel connected, rather than disconnected, there’s a reason.

You were born to be a Wayfinder: to set yourself and others free.

Ready to learn how?

How to thrive when everything’s falling apart

Think Transformation


When it feels like we’re breaking down, we can break open instead. We can master skills that will make us stronger, calmer, more capable than we’ve ever been. We can thrive.

This course will teach you to “surf the tsunami” of change so that you can thrive—body, heart, and soul—in this time of crisis. Don’t think destruction.

Think transformation.

Take a quantum leap forward in your ability to create.

have more impact

write into light

Become a better writer, a happier person, and a member of a “light writing” community that can light up your whole world.

You will learn the art of mining your own experience for wisdom that can genuinely help other people.

Are you in?

If you want magic, this is the place!

The world needs you now more than ever

Master Coach Training

Ready for a deeper dive into the art, magic, and business of coaching?

This training is open to Certified Wayfinder Life Coaches who want to take the next step. And the next. We want to help you master your craft, establish your work in the world, and support you in connecting with the people you are meant to serve. The world really does need you now more than ever.
Let’s Roll.

A journey like no other.

Are you feeling a deeper call?

The African star

A self-transformation adventure retreat

You know your next steps will help heal not only yourself, but also other people and the world. And those other people — the ones you know you are meant to connect with — well, you can almost see them taking shape in your peripheral vision. These people are part of your village.

Find your village.

Do you need some one-on-one help?

we’re here for you

Find a coach

Interested in working with a Wayfinder Life Coach or Master Coach? Please click below to search our directory of certified coaches.

Let’s meet in person!

we have many amazing events

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Check out our many inspiring, hilarious, soul-enriching events.

You won’t find anything like them anywhere else. Guaranteed.

I’m not sure there are words adequate to express my gratitude for the African STAR experience…you all created a soul stirring retreat, I can confidently say this was one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you for planting the seeds of exploration, illuminating the issue of tracking, opening my eyes to wonder and encouraging me to follow the bread crumbs…not to mention learning to mind meld with a fork!”
Wendy Wyatt african star participant
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