programs & events

Join our in-person or virtual gatherings for enriched learning, community, and the joy of connection.

programs & events

Join our in-person or virtual gatherings for enriched learning, community, and the joy of connection.

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Finding Peace and Plenty in Chaotic Times

An In-Person Weekend with Martha Beck

Friday, Sep 27 - Sunday, Sep 29, 2019
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA

A rare opportunity to spend an in-person weekend with Martha Beck gaining skills in finding peace and plenty in chaotic times.

In a difficult and unpredictable world, many of us are trying to prevent disaster where possible and repair damage when it occurs. This may sound wise, but it’s based almost entirely on fear—and fear is the opposite of wisdom. In this program with Martha Beck, explore how this fear-based perspective often makes it impossible to achieve, acquire, or experience the things you want. This is because fear is not your real home. You are meant to live in peace.

The 2020 African Star

A Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat

An Adventure in Africa with Martha Beck

Sunday, May 31 - Thursday, Jun 4, 2020
Sunday, Jun 7 - Thursday, Jun 11, 2020

It’s Time. You are ready for that next step; you know it’s bigger and more powerful than personal growth.

You feel a deeper call for purpose in your life, and you know it will quite literally take you to places you’ve never been. You know your next steps will help heal not only yourself, but also other people and the world. And those other people — the ones you know you are meant to connect with — well, you can almost see them taking shape in your peripheral vision. These people are part of your village.

If this sounds familiar, join me for one of our two 2020 African STARs (Self-Transformation Adventure Retreats). Spend a few delicious days—in an intimate group of no more than 12 people—being coached by me, by Master Coach and tracker Boyd Varty, and by my team, in one of the most magical places in the world: Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa.

The Gathering Room

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Weekend chats with Martha and her team

Join Martha and the tribe every weekend for the Gathering Room to discuss spirituality, life in form, and whose turn it is to do the laundry!

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Life Reboot

From Chaos to Clarity

A Webinar with Martha Beck

- Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Does the software of your life feel kind of buggy? Too many tabs open in your brain?

What if you could make your system run fast and clean, opening up the possibilities for a life that feels true and right for you?

Sounds like you’re ready for a reboot.

Martha Beck is offering an exciting new webinar experience that will get the power flowing through your wires!

Most of us exist in autopilot most of the time, doing what we’ve always done while longing for something different. You can change everything by taking a little time out to get a clear view of your life and making some small adjustments.

The Healing Power of Creativity

A Webinar with Martha Beck

- Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019

Does your life sometimes feel a little meh? Are you frustrated, apathetic, or stuck?

What if there was a sure-fire way to bring empowerment and passion back?

Creativity is the revolutionary act of making something

No matter what we make, creativity always changes the creator. While pulling us from helplessness to empowerment, it breaks through barriers and leads us to healing solutions.

The creative aspect of your brain is always waiting to be switched on.

In Martha Beck’s new webinar, you’ll learn how to toggle into the space of the “creator,” and use it to transform your life.

Surfing The Wave Of Change:

How to Survive Anything

An In-Person Weekend with Martha Beck

Friday, Feb 1 - Sunday, Feb 3, 2019
1440 Multiversity, Santa Cruz, CA

A rare opportunity to spend an in-person weekend with Martha Beck gaining skills in resiliency and weathering transformation.

It’s never been more true that change is the only constant in our lives. Every day, millions of people grapple with situations that were unimaginable just one generation ago. And the pace of change is not slowing: on the contrary, it’s speeding up.So how do we, creatures of habit that we are, learn to navigate in an environment where nothing remains stable?

Martha Beck has spent decades as a social scientist and coach, studying change, how it affects people’s lives and how we can not only stop fearing it but actually use it to thrive.

In this three-day workshop, Martha will help you understand the fluid conditions of twenty-first century living. She will give you tools for working with change, and most importantly, teach you to use your innate skills and instinctive knowledge to “surf” the waves of change that are continuously transforming our world.

Leave the workshop with new peace, purpose, and a practice to carry the skills learned in the workshop into every aspect of life.

The 2019 African Star

A Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat

An Adventure in Africa with Martha Beck

Sunday, May 26 - Thursday, May 30, 2019
Londolozi, south africa

You were meant to live in peace, with purpose, and deep connection to the world, others, yourself. Discover exactly what that purpose is. For you, for your lifetime.

During the STARs, we learn to connect more authentically with ourselves, with one another, and with the energy that we’re made of. It’s this magnificent sense of commonality that is especially magical in a place like Londolozi. When you travel into the heart of the bushveld with an intimate group of like-hearted people and see yourself in that place and in its creatures, you feel connected on an entirely new and exciting level. Registration for 2019 is now closed. Join us in Londolozi in 2020!

True Magic:

Your Life Beyond Limitation

with Elizabeth Gilbert and Martha Beck

Friday, Apr 6 - Sunday, Apr 8, 2018
Scottsdale, Arizona

A weekend that will recharge you and reconnect you with the truest part of yourself: the part that knows how to bring your magic out into the world.

In this personal, interactive weekend, Martha and Liz will work with you to:

  • Learn how to access your deepest truths
  • Experience the alchemy by which this truth becomes power in your world
  • Practice using your own magic to transform your life.
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