Hi, this is martha.

Hello, and thank you so much for coming to visit! I love the way technology allows so many of us to communicate with one another, and I believe once we’ve crossed paths—even over the internet—we’re a bit more connected.

I love getting your emails, though unfortunately, I don’t have time to answer them individually.

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Mailing Address for Martha Beck Inc.
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Speaking Engagements

If you’re looking for a speaker and think I might meet your needs, thank you: I’m honored. I love to speak and have done so hundreds of times, to groups ranging from small corporate gatherings to arenas filled with thousands of people.

I am happy to adapt my presentations to the needs of a sponsor. However, the topics I usually address include:

  • How to figure out the life course and direction that would best serve an individual or group.
  • How to connect with a sense of purpose as a person or an organization.
  • How to successfully navigate change in any area of personal or professional life.
  • How to set and achieve goals with maximum efficacy and minimum stress.
  • How to find clarity in times of chaos.
  • How to balance the multiple conflicting demands of modern life.
  • How to access and express creativity to solve any given challenge.

If you are interested in having me speak at your upcoming event, Martha Beck is represented by The Lyceum Agency. Please contact: 

Miriam Feuerle
The Lyceum Agency
1530 SE 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
[email protected]

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Corporate Events

Working with teams is a personal passion, and I have trained groups of managers in a variety of industries, from airplane manufacturing to fashion to high technology. If you’re considering me as a possible resource for your own professional group, here are topics I typically address:

  • How to use complementary skills and preferences as an asset, rather than a liability.
  • How to help each individual find their own sense of purpose, then expand that to the purpose of the group—making teamwork serve each member as well as the whole.
  • How to free up creativity to serve teams and team members.
  • How to successfully navigate the subtle social pressures and expectations that often make teams less than optimally effective.
  • How to manage up, down, or horizontally, creating goodwill and productivity between all members of a team.

If you are interested in having me work with your organization, please use the above form to contact Martha.

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Martha did a fantastic job! She was warm, funny, intelligent and very uplifting. Guests had high praise for Martha, and I honestly couldn’t think of any but the most positive feedback regarding our whole experience with her. She was well-prepared and knew her audience.”

Staff Liaison, Phoenix Women’s Commission

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