Your mission is hiding in Plain sight

Do you ever feel purposeless? Do you suspect that you’re meant to do more in life than file papers or schlep people around in a minivan?

Your suspicions are correct.

You have a unique life mission, one that will serve the world and fill your days with meaning. You were born to see that mission . . . but chances are you don’t. Most of us are taught early to ignore our purpose. By adulthood, we’re often experts at not seeing our own mission.

It’s time we all unlearned that particular skill.

One of my unique skills happens to be helping people recognize their missions. I’m offering an exciting, free masterclass that will help you notice and name the mission that’s right in front of you, though you may not be able to see it.

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This MasterClass will help you learn:

  • Why and how you may not know your mission in life.
  • How to clear away the “mind-blinders” that are keeping you from seeing the mission that’s right under your nose.
  • How to seize the day—every day—and use it to complete your mission. 

Martha Beck, Ph.D., is a bestselling author and renowned coach. She’s helped thousands of people reboot their lives; cleaning out the patterns that keep them stuck or overwhelmed and helping them move on to more powerful, effective, and fulfilling ways of living.

Register today for the FREE masterclass recording of YOUR MISSION IS HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT

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