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Indrani Nathu Goradias

The Woodlands, Texas 281 300 6563

Indrani became a triathlete and marathoner after 50. She uses yoga, meditation, and vibrational sound to clear blocked energy. “ Indrani is a gifted intuitive, who will help you attain your right life

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues
Master CertifiedCertified

Debby Werthmann

Traverse City, Michigan 231 922-9432

Are you ready to get unstuck? If not now, when?

Debby’s your committed guide and mentor. Her intuitive, empathic nature will have you design and live an extraordinary life. She works locally, and internationally with clients by phone or in person. Visit Debby’s Web site for a free discovery session.

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Relationships, Work / Life Balance
Master CertifiedCertified

Ashley Jansen

Unionville, Pennsylvania

Go deep with Ashley to identify the underlying issues
and unearth your joy. As a master coach and interfaith
minister, Ashley has experience working with artists/
addictions/ mental illness/ and spiritual despair.
She is committed to helping others rediscover their
inner divinity, grace, power, and wisdom.

Specialties: Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth
Master CertifiedCertified
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Sarala Jan Troy

Goshen, Connecticut 860.309.2526

Amazement, Alignment, Alchemy

A yoga teacher and meditation practitioner for over 35 years…..

I help people align their body, mind and life to “make the ordinary extraordinary” and experience their dreams unfolding with integrity and magic. Come join me in this wondrous journey!

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Sports, Weight Loss, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance
Master Certified

Cristina Bevir

United Kingdom +44 (0)7941 071544

With me introverts glow. They find their way, and find their light, then bring it to the world. Guiding us is the golden thread that returns us to ourselves. Sessions are deep and intimate, catalysing powerful transformations. Each client I coach brings more truth, balance and beauty into the world.

Specialties: Business / Career, Expat, Leadership, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth
Master Certified

Kris Plachy

California 530 409-8126

Despite our best efforts to prove differently, managers are human. All our “human-ness” comes to work with us daily, supporting or detracting from our own performance and that of our teams. Professionals who hire me are aimed at attracting success for themselves, their teams and their relationships at work.

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance
Master Certified
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