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Master Certified

Sheryl A. Jones

Flossmoor, Illinois
312 513-7678

I have dedicated my Life Coaching services to helping single women who are having trouble meeting and keeping a great guy fall madly in love with their life. Once you do this you are easily able to attract the man of your dreams. Thanks so much.

Specialties: Relationships

Susan Dahl-Robertson, M.A.

Eagle, Idaho
208 938-1045

I coach smart women who want to reclaim their “true” selves and discover a more fulfilling and exciting career path & personal life. With my professional background in Career Development, I can help you identify your unique talents, passion, and purpose, and create the extraordinary life you’re meant to live!

Specialties: Business / Career, Entrepreneur, General Life Coaching, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Debby Werthmann

Traverse City, Michigan
231 922-9432

Are you ready to get unstuck? If not now, when?

Debby’s your committed guide and mentor. Her intuitive, empathic nature will have you design and live an extraordinary life. She works locally, and internationally with clients by phone or in person. Visit Debby’s Web site for a free discovery session.

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Relationships, Work / Life Balance

Janet Douglas

Regina, Saskatchewan • Canada
(306) 209-7079

I’m privileged to help others reconnect with themselves – their inner wisdom – their spirit. I help people enjoy their lives now, no longer burdened by the past or putting off living until sometime in the future. Begin your brilliant adventure. Connect with your Spirit. Enjoy your Life.  

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Amy Davis

Jericho, Vermont

Get to know the REAL you.

Learn to listen to your inner wisdom, she’s got a lot to say!

SHOW up in your life, it’s all about you, no one else.

Stop living by accident, life can be way better.

Feel alive and true to YOU.

Design your life . . . your way 

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Weight Loss, Women's Issues

Dawn Kotzer

Boreal Forest • Canada
306 862-2833

I believe we were born knowing the language of our soul.
Draw upon your Creativity, Joy and Inner Wisdom to find out how loving your Lizard, appreciating your Shadow, and embracing your True Self will help you reclaim your original voice and follow your Stargazer home.

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Personal Growth, Relationships
Relationship Certified

Sheila Whittington

Scottsdale, Arizona
480 577-4114

Helping you meet fear head-on, find (or regain) and implement your self-power, especially in relationships and communication including marriage/partner, parent/child, boss/coworker and friends and family. Direct and intelligent “let’s-get-down-to-it” coaching style, mixed with compassion and a whole lot of humor and fun.

Specialties: Personal Growth, Relationships, Work / Life Balance

Rhonda Sandler

Prescott, Arizona
928 925-0123

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Weight Loss, Women's Issues

Darliss O’Donnell

Palmer, Alaska

We are designed for relationship and we define ourselves by relationship; we are children, parents, grandparents, friends, lovers, partners, care givers, business associates, peers and clients. I help people transform their relationships, and create relationships that are deeply satisfying.

Specialties: Business / Career, Entrepreneur, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Weight Loss, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance