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Abigail Steidley

Ft. Collins, Colorado (970) 797-2546

Abigail Steidley is a Mind-Body Coach who has long helped clients with pain and stress relief. More recently, her work has evolved into a delightful mix of coaching, channeling, and energy work. She works with coaches, therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healers, helping them with their own well-being, owning their healer-ness, and stepping into their soul mission.

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance
Master CertifiedCertified

Sheila Whittington

Scottsdale, Arizona 480 577-4114

Helping you meet fear head-on, find (or regain) and implement your self-power, especially in relationships and communication including marriage/partner, parent/child, boss/coworker and friends and family. Direct and intelligent “let’s-get-down-to-it” coaching style, mixed with compassion and a whole lot of humor and fun.

Specialties: Personal Growth, Relationships, Work / Life Balance
Master CertifiedCertifiedRelationship Certified

Katlego Kolobe

Johannesburg • South Africa 27 827 82 0508

I show you how to get unstuck and grounded and then to recognise and use your magnificence.

Specialties: Business / Career, Entrepreneur, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth
Master CertifiedCertified
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Barbara Nell

Johannesburg • South Africa 27 834495172

I coach sportsmen and sportswomen. Very often talented sports people are struggling to achieve their goals even though they may be doing all the ‘right’ things. I help them walk through their “ring of fire” which sets them free to achieve their dreams.

Specialties: Sports
Master Certified

Kristin Jarvis

Bend, Oregon 541-382-5225

“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I weave the wisdom of nature and your natural self into our coaching experience.
The journey will take you through transition leading to the freedom of transformation.

Specialties: Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues
Master Certified

Jennifer Locke

Evanston, Illinois 773 771-6554
Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth
Master Certified
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