The Martha Beck Collection: Essays for Creating Your Right Life, Volume One

You asked, we listened: Your favorite Martha Beck columns from O, the Oprah Magazine in one place!

In the Martha Beck Collection, Volume 1: Essays for Creating your Right Life, we have compiled 25 of your all-time favorite articles from Martha’s column in O, the Oprah Magazine in a fun, easy-to-absorb digest format! 

With a brand spankin’ new foreword by Martha Beck herself, this tasty little morsel offers her best advice on a variety of topics including relationships, holding grudges, avoiding avoidance, problem-solving, handling mean people, and good old-fashioned love.

Have you been hoarding Martha’s O, The Oprah Magazine column clippings for years like we have? 

Here a list of the articles you can finally send to the recycling bin:

  • How to Know It’s Real Love
  • Ready . . . Aim . . . Oh, Well: Why You Need to Embrace Imperfection
  • Why Are People Mean?
  • The Halo Effect: Are You Too Good for Your Own Good?
  • How to Deal With Major Life Changes
  • You Spot It, You’ve Got It
  • How to Think Your Way Free
  • You Have The Right To Remain Silent 
  • I Love You Just the Way You Were
  • 4 Steps to Find Your Life’s Path
  • How to Be Wildly Successful
  • Guide to Avoiding Avoidance
  • The Sponge People
  • How to Deal with the Highly Defensive People in Your Life
  • Martha Beck’s Anti-Complain Campaign
  • Escape Your Rat Race
  • When Your Biggest Problem Is . . . You
  • How to Tap Into Your True Power
  • When You Should Hold a Grudge
  • The Information Superflood: Stay Afloat In A Sea of Texts, Tweets, and E-Mails
  • How to Solve a Thorny Problem
  • The 4-Step Plan to Get Your Life on Track 
  • 20 Questions That Could Change Your Life 
  • How to Tune In to the Voice Within 
  • How to Love More by Caring Less

Book Details:
217 pages total
5 in. by 7 in. book format (perfect for your bedside table!)
List Price: $13.95 print / $3.99 digital

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