Video: Coach 4 2day- Divine Discomfort

In this video, Martha addresses the concept of “Divine Discomfort” and then speaks to how to act and react when you feel”powerless” to another’s choice.

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Coach 4 2day – Letting Go of the Past

In this video blog, Martha helps you understand how to reframe your stories to help you let go of the past so you can be more present.

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Coach 4 2day – Doing Important Things

In this Coach 4 2day video, I provide some support and recommendations on how to prioritize the important things in life using the “Big Rocks/Sand” analogy.

Video: Coach 4 2day – Conflict

“The nature of conflict means you can’t set a boundary in your life & take care of someone else’s feelings at the same time.”

Video: Coach 4 2day – Perfectionism

“Enlightenment is to be without anxiety over imperfection.”

Coach 4 2day Video- Loss of a Pet

“Spend the time with yourself, with nature, in a wordless place of peace and love that you were spending when your pet was alive.”