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Buddy Up and Giddy Up…Insight from Martha

I’m learning to ride a horse, which is a lot like driving a car, if cars were nervous and unpredictable and expressed their anxiety by leaping suddenly sideways and accelerating uncontrollably whenever the breeze picks up. Also their shock absorbers were made out of jerky. And they bit. So I sit on this huge beast - Continue Reading


Video Sneak Peek of the New Book!

  Here’s a sneak peek of the stuff I’ll be discussing in my new book:  what’s YOUR “call of the wild”?  Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want will be released December 27, 2011. Reserve your copy on now. 


The Body Compass: How Your Essential Self Communicates – Insight from Martha

We Martha Beck coaches are obsessed with helping clients communicate consciously with what we call their “essential selves.” As opposed to the “social self,” the essential self is always focused on our best lives and will actively resist anything that is not in our genuine best interest. Unfortunately, the essential self is not verbal, while - Continue Reading


Essential Self/Social Self

In this fun video, Martha shares the difference between your “social self” and your “essential self”. [Can't see the video above? Watch it online!]


I Rest My Pace…Insight From Martha

This week I sliced my thumb nearly to the bone, smashed my knee so hard my head exploded, bought $400 worth of software it turned out I did not need, and spent one long day griping at everyone I saw. This, gentle reader, does not fulfill my self-help motto “live it to give it.” 
 - Continue Reading


Shout YES from the rooftops

 by Pamela Slim When I was younger, I went crazy for Salsa. I don’t mean the kind involving chopped tomatoes and chili peppers, I mean the sexy, sweaty Latin dance variety. Nothing, nothing, made me feel better than being whipped around the dance floor to the intoxicating rhythms of salsa music. While dancing, I felt - Continue Reading


Was Nancy Reagan right? How just saying NO can change your life.

  by Pamela Slim I knew my soon-to-be three-year-old son Josh had achieved a new level of negotiation finesse when his vigorous “NO” was tempered into “No Thank You.”  It is hard to get angry at a little man who is exceedingly polite about totally refusing to do anything I ask him. “Josh, stop throwing - Continue Reading


Is there a conspiracy by The Man to keep you down?

by Pamela Slim I had a friend from college named Javier who was convinced that Walt Disney had it in for him.  I don’t remember the particular conspiracy, only that it involved subliminal messages, Mickey Mouse and lots and lots of oppression. Walt Disney was not the only tyrant in his life, there were many - Continue Reading