The New Normal

Disclaimer: CAUTION! You will either like this post, or comment to yourself that I have truly climbed off the crazy station and onto the crazy train. So if crazy doesn’t work for you, just stop now.
So I just got back from yet another delicious and astonishing experience, this one at a ranch in Montana owned by a dear friend. This is the same place where I experienced the original Pronghorn event. This year, because I now know that Pronghorns frequent the area, I decided to up the ante: “Wolves!” I thought to myself. It’s WAY harder to attract a wolf than a Pronghorn. Then I realized this was a ridiculous thought, since calling a wild wolf requires exactly the same amount of effort as calling a Pronghorn—in other words, practically nothing.
When I got to the ranch, I asked if there were any wolves living in the area. My friend said she thought a few had been seen 18 months prior. I invited everyone in the group to call in some wolves…and at 9 o’clock that night, guess who started howling outside the cabin? Oh yes they did! Some people heard them all night long. I, like an idiot, got too attached and did not hear them myself. Damn you, tenacious ego! Still, it was one hell of a “coincidence.”
Oh, and by the way, the day the whales came (see last “Insight from Martha”), it was covered INTERNATIONALLY. My friends in Africa saw it and called to tell me they figured I was on that beach.
This is all so normal.
But enough with my obsessive animal stories! The point is that I am experiencing what many of you are, too: an increasingly powerful conviction that what we once thought of as the world “out there” is in fact as intimately connected to each of us as our own heart. On one hand, my own physical body feels more and more like an animal that happily lives its life without obeying any of my conscious intentions; on the other hand, my consciousness feels capable of creating physical events that seem distant and impossible.
In Expecting Adam, I wrote about a moment when, exhausted, sick, and heartbroken, I sent out the thought “I just can’t do this. Maybe you should drive.” I didn’t know what I was talking to, and I still don’t. But whatever it was, it surrounded me with an inexplicable sweetness. It picked up my heart and held it like a baby. Ever since, there have been moments when I have climbed out of the driver’s seat, only to grab for control again when my inner lizard raised its fearful, scaly head.
These days, I simply don’t feel like driving. The passenger seat is much more fun. I watch my own body and mind playing ecstatically with the illusion of form.
Have I lost you yet? If so, I respectfully and lovingly do not care.
Recently, several clients have told me that they have an odd sense of being disconnected from their bodies. They still feel sensations, but find themselves acting strangely in their own eyes. They have stopped driving. The journey has been taken over by what we, in our coaching system, call their essential self. Some people seem to be able to stop this from happening deliberately, others invite and enjoy it, and others, weirdly, are observing it as it happens to them without any conscious decisions on their part. I’m sure this has always been possible, but I’m just warning you: these days, our essential selves are growing more and more powerful. The blissful game of consciousness clothed in matter is getting faster and more delicious. So if this is happening to you, and it’s freaking you out, relax. Let the wolves drive.

Real Magic


So, we just finished our very first Wayfinder Workshop. It was a FABULOUS experience for me—and let’s face it, who else matters? (I am kidding!) By targeting my last book to people who already feel their magic, I appear to have achieved two things: convincing most of the reading public that I am certifiably insane, and inviting the most awesome people on earth to come play with creating a new way of being in the world. We held the seminar on Pismo Beach, California, for reasons I will describe in a minute.
The first day, as we stood on the beach, some of us used the animal-calling exercise described in Finding Your Way In A Wild New World. By the following day, so many whales were surfacing off Pismo Beach that it made the national news. I watched them playing for an hour during our lunch break. My partner, Karen, insists that this is a coincidence, and it probably is. I’M JUST SAYING.
The fact is that real magic does not require the grandiosity of a Hollywood movie. When it arrives, one can always trace the way it happened in the physical world. The miracle is always a coincidence in which God chooses to remain anonymous. Magic is glory, not what I call “gloriola.”
On that same note, I want to thank anyone who gave so much as a glancing thought to my story about wanting a ranch where I could live close to nature. That miracle is finally a done deal, although I’m still waiting for it to land. This is not a story of “rich person buys a ranch.” This is a story of “wacky person feels compelled to buy something she absolutely cannot afford which she is then somehow able to buy.” Seriously, you guys, I do not know how this happened. All I know is that I can now sit on my front porch watching wild turkeys, deer, foxes, skunks, and potentially a bear (some of the coaches saw him down the road a bit, and there is nothing stopping him from visiting me). Best of all are the bobcats that live on the land. I like to think of them as starter leopards.
In short, I live in a three-dimensional miracle—and so do you. Before the Wayfinder Workshop, several tribe members gathered with a Shaman to dedicate the land to the objective of “Restoring Eden”—healing animals, ecosystems, and humans, in any way possible. At one point the Shaman took me aside and said, “Martha. Stop trying.” Without words, she helped me find an incredibly deep flow wave of movement in my lower torso. “There,” she said, “that anchors you and you can let others anchor there as well. Then, let it heal them.”
She didn’t say what ‘it’ was, because on one hand it is inexpressible, and on the other hand, once you’ve felt it, there is no need to describe it. It is the TAO. It is Love. It is saturating the air you breathe as you read this. Be still until you can let it find you. That is your only job. And then, what the hell, call some whales. Because that’s AWESOME.

Pronghorn Alert!

First of all, I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who, acting on good will and perhaps a tiny dose of insanity, has already purchased my new book even thought technically it does not yet exist.  We managed to get into the top 200 bestsellers on Amazon for a considerable period, which means that this nonexistent volume actually trounced innumerable books that are actual physical products.  All of you who preordered have my most heartfelt gratitude.
Speaking of things that happen before they exist, as I was writing Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, which, as you may know, is all about making things happen with less effort and more amazement, I experienced a succession of events that should not have happened. It seemed I was continuously encountering the kinds of people I was writing about:  medicine men, shamans, healers, and mystics from all sorts of obscure traditions around the world.  I thought that when I finished the book that these events would stop.  In some odd way, I had convinced myself that my daily writing sessions were causing me to pay abnormal attention to the subject and that this was creating an illusion of “manifestation” that would disappear when I stopped writing.  I may be wandering off into “woo woo” territory, but at heart I am still a skeptic.
That’s why I was surprised when, not long after I finished the book, I was introduced to a shaman from South America and invited to attend a retreat in a remote region of the American West. I was somewhat nervous about the entire event.  Even though I have been running them for years, I have never been to a retreat myself. I had no clue what shamanic ceremony we’d be performing and, as some of you know, I have a slight tendency toward anxiety­—to the extent that waking up in the morning is an athletic exercise of will and courage.  The one thing that can reliably calm me down is an animal—any animal. I love animals.  If I woke up and there was a rat in my room, I would be profoundly calm. 
So, as I set out from the airport to the wilderness area where the retreat was to take place, I decided to request that animal be sent to calm me.  I do this a lot in Africa and it always works there, though the Londolozi Game Preserve is so magical that I have begun to take it for granted. This time I decided I wanted to see a Pronghorn antelope.  These animals are native to the American West, but though I have lived in their immediate neighborhood most of my life, I had never seen one.  They are wary, very fast and learn to avoid people.  So, as I sat in my rental car, mentally “calling” Pronghorn, my hopes were not high.  A few seconds later, to my surprise, I experienced an odd sensation much like a hot flash.  I my head, I heard (or thought I heard) something say, “We will bring them right to you.”  I popped another Centrum Silver for aging women and thought I was imagining things. 
Four hours later, I was motoring down a dirt road toward the retreat location.  I was in a wide valley, too high for trees to grow, and could see for miles around me.  Suddenly, in the distance, I caught a blob of movement, a little like a patch of sand, moving quickly across the ground.  I stopped my car and stared in complete amazement, not quite daring to believe that I was looking at a herd of Pronghorn antelope.  The blob came toward me like it was late for an appointment.  When it was about a mile away, I could make out individual animals.  Until the herd was very close, I didn’t dare believe that the very beasts I had requested were headed toward me, against all logic and instincts.  When they were about a block away from me, there was no more doubt.  They were much bigger and chunkier than I had expected and fast.  I have since learned that Pronghorns are the fastest land animals in North America.  These animals were not living in a protected game preserve, but in a place that was frequented by human hunters.  Yet they sprinted a considerable distance to the one human artifact in sight—my car.  And then they stopped. 
As I sat in my car, alternately laughing and gasping, the last thread of my disbelief snapped.  There really is some sort of communion between humans and the other animals that share our planet.  There really is something real in the belief and practices of humans who have found harmony with the natural world.  And there really is magic. 
Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  To me, an iPhone is pure magic, yet I accept its existence.  Mine continues to work no matter how many times I drop it.  Sometimes I use it incorrectly or I’m in an area where the signal is weak, but that doesn’t mean I stop believing that the technology works. 
Similarly, the “technologies of magic” used by ancient people must be used intelligently and correctly to have the desired effect.  Very few people still know how to program them, use all their apps, or even turn on the power, but that does not mean there is nothing to these technologies.  Not only do they work, they are part of the hardware that was born into your brain and body.  They are waiting for you to take them out of the package and begin fiddling with the buttons.  At first, you may not see many results.  Keep tinkering.  Ask people who know.  Look for small effects and repeat the actions that produce them until the effects become more noticeable.  If you persist, there will come a day when something sprints toward you with such determination and such beauty that your disbelief will snap like a dried twig. 
Along with some of my master coaches, I have decided to label these “Pronghorn Alerts.”  Just having a name for them will help you identify them in your own experience.  When you have a Pronghorn-type event, even a tiny one, you must sound the “Pronghorn Alert!” by posting it to my Facebook or Twitter page.  There you can also learn the not-at-all secret hand signal that we have invented to designate the statement, “I have just performed a miracle.” 

We look forward to reading your stories and thanks again for being a miracle in my life.  Just the fact that you are reading this makes you a bit of a Pronghorn to me.

Fun Contest Time!

Sound Your Pronghorn Alert!

We want to hear about your miracles! Post your Pronghorn Alert on my Facebook or Twitter page (use the hashtag #wildworld) between now and Noon Pacific time on December 12th (Yes! That’s 12 on 12/12!) and you’ll be entered to win one of ten autographed copies of my new book before it’s available in stores. As a matter of fact, you’d most likely have it in your hot little hands by Christmas. For more information on the contest and to hear me talk about my own Pronghorn Alert, watch the video below.  Then pop on over and post your Pronghorn Alert pronto!

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Cry Freedom!

This month, perhaps through a series of coincidences, or perhaps through something else, I’ve seen dozens of different people being set free in dozens of different ways.  Oh what the hell, I don’t believe for a minute that it’s a coincidence.  Something is changing in the collective Zeitgeist, or the “Spirit of the Times.”  We are moving into a time when transparency, authenticity and openness (what my coaches call “TAO” or Chinese for “The Way”) is critical.  Being transparent, authentic and open is not fool hearty social behavior, but the only safe way to success.   

I am beginning to believe that radical openness is the single characteristic that will differentiate successful people from unsuccessful people as time goes on.  According to Kevin Kelly, a leading theorist in technology and social change, as technology continues to transform our lives, privacy will become a thing of the past.  This is obviously a daunting thought.  The comfortable margins of anonymity and secrecy that have been normal for humans thus far are disappearing.   

 As I coach many people from many walks of life in to what I call “this wild new world,” I find myself reaching one inescapable conclusion over and over:  If you want to live peacefully, joyfully and abundantly in the years to come, you must walk your talk.  Why?  Because everyone will be talking about your walk.  If there is any level of hypocrisy in your life, you are in “danger” of exposure – but this is like the danger of having a wound cleaned or a broken bone set.  As Byron Katie says, “It is not happening to you, it is happening for you.”  So don’t resent or resist people who expect you to behave in a way that is consistent with the values you express.  Instead, wherever there is dissonance between your value system and your actions, change one or the other to make them congruent.  

Let me give you an example:  If you occasionally say negative things behind someone’s back while acting ingratiating to that person’s face, and you say you value honesty and want others to be honest with you, either stop the gossip altogether or learn to say kindly and clearly to someone’s face what you would also say if they were not present.   

The word “integrity” shares its root with the word “integer,” which means one indivisible thing.  To have integrity means to be the same person, to say the same things, in almost the same ways, no matter what situation presents itself.  “Duplicity” means to be two things.  If you plan to live a duplicitous life, prepare for your hypocrisy to be known.  It is the revelation of duplicity in those who are not honest and the revelation of integrity of those who are honest that I’ve seen freeing people all around me during the past few weeks.  I believe this is a wave of social change that will ripple through all our lives, removing forever the possibility of living in duplicity while ostensibly championing integrity. 

To me, these crazy times are breathtaking and exciting.  The challenge to live with more integrity myself is like learning to ski a steeper slope than I’ve ever negotiated before.  I have loved examining my own life, finding out where I have been wrong, and working to bring my values and actions into closer and closer alignment.   

For those of you interested in “manifesting” a wonderful life, this scrupulously transparent, authentic, and open life will open the floodgates.  The pressure to be honorable is here to make you powerful. This very day, do something brave to reduce any duplicity in your life. Stand up for yourself with someone who you’ve allowed to bully you. Apologize to someone with whom you may not have been entirely honest.  Immediately – this is a promise – you will find the things you have been longing for drawing nearer to you.  The TAO (The Way) of integrity puts the Law of Attraction on steroids.   It brings hope, peace, clarity and love from everywhere in the Universe.  Walk this bold path and watch your life blossom.