DIY Integrity cleanse

DIY Integrity cleanse

Your Ultimate Path to Peace

Imagine you lived each day anchored in your own integrity:

Alignment in, joy out.

Who would you be? How would it feel to be grounded in your truth in every area of your life?

During the most enormously-challenging life-moments.

Also in the everyday small moments—instead of saying “yes” when you mean “no.” Instead of stifling your truth to avoid rocking the boat (even a little). Instead of shrinking at conflict. Instead of striving to please no matter what it costs your soul.

How would it transform your work, your relationships, or even the rest of your life, if you could live your truth from a place of peace?

Find out now.

Discover the ultimate path to peace using Martha Beck’s powerful, new, step-by-step DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit.

Why DIY?

The beauty of this do-it-yourself kit is it’s ALL in the kit—no conference calls, no timelines—so you can work it on your schedule.

Create a cleanse that suits your learning style and the demands of your life.

Go at your own speed. Find your path of peace & integrity at your own pace. (At work, at home, even in your PJs.)

Cleanse, Live, Repeat:

Living in your integrity is a lifelong practice.

The DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit is designed to be used. And repeated. Whenever you need an integrity refresher.

diy integrity cleanse kit

What you will Learn:

  • Learn how to be in your integrity, even when your truth appears to conflict with others. (Stunningly, the byproducts of this are a greater sense of freedom and joy.)
  • Feel the incredible sense of empowerment and peace that results from living in alignment with your truth, regardless of your life circumstances.
  • Understand that living outside of integrity requires duplicity, the enemy of fulfillment and happiness.
  • Identify specifically where and when you are living outside of your integrity.
  • Assimilate tools and new habits required to recalibrate your life and break through that final barrier into consistent happiness.
  • How to navigate all of your relationships from a place of deep conviction and calm that results in living in integrity.

These approaches have forever changed lives. Will you allow them to transform your life too?

“I’m not the same person I was before taking this course. Pausing to check in with my integrity is becoming my norm. Good things are happening as I work on staying open and trusting my integrity.”


“I’ve had some big shifts, although many of them are small. Together, though, they create that peace that comes from living in integrity on a daily basis.”


“I just wanted to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. The GRACE and HELP that got me here in this class. The stories. The sharings. The questions. The guidance. OMG. Mind and heart blown into stardust.”


“The Integrity Cleanse is a very pragmatic, applied approach to why we don’t tell the truth and how to start doing it in whatever places you haven’t been doing it. And most importantly, why it’s worth doing, because integrity is not for the faint of heart.”



Each kit includes BRAND NEW 70-page The DIY Integrity Cleanse PDF Workbook. Each of the 5 units includes exercises, a case study, plus a powerful insight from Martha; The Integrity Cleanse audio from Martha Beck’s hit telecourse; and the call transcript.

Each unit in the The DIY Integrity Cleanse PDF workbook focuses on a different aspect of living in integrity:

  • The Introduction:
    The way we recognize integrity is by the way it feels, both physically and emotionally. In this introductory section, learn a simple but crucial exercise to calibrate your sense of integrity and non-integrity to help set you up for success in the remaining units.
  • Unit One: Blind Spots and Spring Cleaning
    What keeps you from living your truth? Your blind spots—those unconscious places you lie to keep from sharing the sometimes uncomfortable truth. In this unit, Martha helps you access places you aren’t in integrity, using your home as metaphor for your inner life.
  • Unit Two: Keeping Your Motives Pure
    When we live out of integrity, we often make decisions on what we think is right rather than what we know is right for ourselves. This unit focus on the fine art of decision-making—how to do it from integrity, and what to do with conflicting signals we experience when our mind and our heart are out of alignment.
  • Unit Three: Integrity in Relationships
    How exactly do we navigate our relationships with our new-found sense of integrity? This unit helps you establish what level of intimacy you really want with all the personal relationships in your life, big and small.
  • Unit Four: Staying in the TAO
    Once you’ve established your personal sense of integrity and have begun navigating the world from this clearer space, how do you continue to stay Transparent, Authentic, and Open (TAO)? This final unit establishes maintaining integrity as a process and offers techniques for sustaining integrity well beyond the course.

Plus: Your kit also includes a powerful meditation with Martha to help anchor into your integrity. (Listen to it every day when you need a little shot o’ Martha!)

Take Your First Step Towards The Ultimate Path to Peace

Order Martha Beck’s powerful, new, step-by-step DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit and you’ll get:

  • The 70-page PDF workbook with exercises & case studies (you can use them again and again)
  • Five (5) downloadable audio recordings (Mp3 format) from Martha Beck’s hit telecourse, The Integrity Cleanse, plus audio transcripts (PDF format)*
  • PLUS a powerful, new meditation with Martha you can use every day (Mp3 format)


Want to know what all the fuss is about? Listen to a sample of the five (5) audio recordings you’ll receive with your DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit!

Get Started Now


My friend, that’s when the real fun starts. (Martha will help you through this fear.)

Discover the ultimate path to peace.

Begin the journey that will transform your life, your relationships, your world.

BUY NOW! DIY Integrity cleanse kit

  • One (1) 70-page DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit Digital Workbook (PDF Format) ALL NEW!
  • Five (5) Audio Downloads from the original Integrity Cleanse Telecourse (Mp3 Format)
  • One (1) Powerful 5-minute Meditation with Martha Beck (Mp3) ALL NEW!
  • PLUS Downloadable Telecourse Audio Transcripts (PDF Format)

This kit is delivered as a digital download only.


A Money-Back Guarantee That’s In Our Integrity

mb_guarantee_badge-gold_400We love the transformative power of the DIY Integrity Cleanse Kit so much that we are offering a full, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you within thirty (30) days from date of purchase.

You can even keep the kit. And, the bonus meditation!

Because that is in our integrity.

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