Diana Herself: Your Own Journey to the Forest

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Enjoy this free 90-minute recording with Martha BeckDiana, Herself: Your Own Journey to the Forest. Martha shares the background and inspiration for the book, as well as helping you understand how this wild process of waking up to your true nature feels and how it looks through the lens of human experience. Martha’s own journey to the forest was both literal and figurative; it was both scary and delightful and she can’t wait to share it with you!

Martha talks about her journey:

“It was weird and yet it was more normal than life has ever felt to me. It was also seed from which this book grew. And without spoiling the plot for you, I can tell you this: it’s all about love, folks. In the presence of undeniable love, fear, normalcy, and any other trappings of what many of us come to believe as “regular” life simply dissolves. It’s shocking and wonderful. It also sets us free in ways that are difficult to imagine before we begin experiencing them for ourselves.”

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