Life is full of storms.

We all know those times. Times when everything goes wrong. When we lose our money, our jobs, our health, our lovers, or our sanity. You’ve probably lived through a lot of rainstorms, some tornados and maybe a life-shattering earth-rending hurricane. Maybe you’re in a storm right now.

The good news is that storms can be transformative when we learn to ride them out. Painful and disruptive moments in our life can usher in fresh and beautiful phases of experience. When the (metaphorical) storm has torn your life apart, you have the opportunity to start fresh, to reimagine your purpose, to rebuild.

Yes, the world around you will still be fraught with chaos. Things will still happen to you, some bad, some good. But if you build on the foundation of presence and peace you’ll learn from this kit, you’ll weather it all with minimal distress. You may even find yourself out dancing in the rain.

The Storm-Proof Your Life Kit
with Martha Beck

Learn how to:

  • use your built-in navigational equipment
  • anchor into stillness
  • observe the witnessing presence
  • reframe projections and reflections
  • use the energy of the tempest to propel you toward a richer, calmer, more joyful life
  • surf the storm
Five weeks of interactive lessons with Martha. Each lesson includes a video with an exercise and an assignment to build on.
These are simple practices you can learn and master to discover your surprising truths and to storm-proof your life.
Practical tools to ride out storms without injury, and to heal damage from any tempests you may have endured in the past.
Learn how to turn the hardest moments of your life into the most powerful and creative transformations

This kit has helped not just me, but also my partner,
to start celebrating life again and to rediscover our creativity.


Most of us are in close
proximity to a storm.

Maybe you’ve spent months being thrown about by raging winds or maybe a raincloud is waiting around the corner.

  • Are you in the middle of a big life change, like a new job, a big move or an empty nest?
  • Are you dealing with a relationship change, either in your family, your romantic relationships or your friendships?
  • Have you experienced a loss recently, of a loved one, a pet or a life partner?
  • Are you haunted by painful memories of past storms or living in fear of what storms the future might hold?
  • Do you have a friend who’s weathering a storm right now?

What’s included in the kit?

  • Five modules from Martha teaching you how to use the tools (one for each week).
  • Worksheets that will engage your memory, verbal mind, and body.
  • Weekly activities, like reading, listening and meditating.
  • Designed to be used and absorbed at your own pace. However, you may wish to join with a friend or a group to lend support as you work through the kit together.
  • Lifetime access to all these materials so you can go through the lessons whenever you need them.



The practices you’ll learn here will bring a sense of stability and peace you’ll want to sustain indefinitely.

Even going through them once, if you let them sink in, you will discover a safe haven.


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