The 2017 LEAP Retreat with Martha Beck & Boyd Varty

May 4—7, 2017 | Deer Valley, Utah

Are you ready to make quantum leaps in your life and create meaningful and lasting change in your world and the world around you? Join Martha Beck & Boyd Varty in beautiful Deer Valley, Utah for four days of deep connection, transformational coaching, riveting storytelling, stunning insight, and—of course—lots of laughter, fun, and magic!

Join us this spring and you will identify and release negative patterns that impede your happiness and progress. You will explore aspects of your consciousness in which there is very little suffering, and enormous loving power. You’ll learn to balance yourself through alignment with your own true nature, and to regain that balance quickly if you lose it. Finally, you’ll see how you can create an outward manifestation of your best inward self, forming a community (and perhaps a world) that reflects the quiet confidence and steadiness you are meant to embody.

Find out more & register now.

“She’s one of the smartest women I know.” – Oprah Winfrey


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