Author of the self help “series” that has helped millions find their life purpose: Finding Your Own North Star, Steering by Starlight, and Finding Your Way in a Wild New World; and author of the stirring memoirs Expecting Adam and Leaving the Saints.  View and purchase all of Martha’s books here.

"She's one of the smartest women I know" - Oprah Winfrey


Upcoming Events

  1. The Integrity Cleanse with Martha Beck

    January 20 - February 17

    Join Martha for The Integrity Cleanse, where you will learn how to confidently speak your truth and act on it. No matter what. You’ll move from misery to surrender, joyfulness, and peace. And your pants will fit better. (Well, maybe not that last part.) At the very least, doing The Integrity Cleanse will be like clearing out the junk drawer of your life by finding the things that are not in alignment with your true self and uncovering a treasure trove of goodness you forgot you already had!

  2. A Gathering of Wayfinders

    April 22 - April 24

    Let’s Gather. Humans are social creatures who have lost our villages: we were never meant to exist in isolation. When we get together, we create a culture. What we’re doing now—and what we’ll be practicing within this gathering—is creating a culture of a new consciousness. The healing of the world is the re-wilding of the read more…



Mirror, Mirror: The Power of Perseveration

I have the most fabulous conversations when I'm alone. Driving, exercising, flossing my teeth, I offer opinions and advice that would change the world, if only the people I'm read more...


The Next Step to Bewilderment…And Other Wisdom from Martha

Bewilderment Lesson 2: Don't Swallow Poison Last month I invited you to join me in a process I call bewilderment (the effort to be wilder) with a series of simple steps. The read more...

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Make Your Mind Part of the Peace…And Other Wisdom from Martha

Recently I’ve been pondering a process I call “bewilderment”—or, as I like to pronounce it, be-wilder-ment. It’s like enlightenment, but way less ambitious. I figure if we all read more...




Hey, Look at This!

My super magical cousin, Sylvia Nibley, has created these amazing Inquiry Cards that I think you all will love.

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Reinvent Your Life!

A 90-minute session of reinvention with Martha Beck & Bridgette Boudreau to make this your best year yet!
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Become a Coach!

The January 2016 Training cohort is now enrolling! Take the leap and join the Tribe.  The world needs your gifts.  Find out more.


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