with martha beck

Welcome to a virtual gathering that will kindle your curiosity and soothe your soul! Join Martha Beck for the podcast edition of her weekly Facebook event, and listen in as she touches on a spirituality or personal growth topic that’s on her mind. 

You’ll also hear the lively conversation that follows as Martha opens the floor to questions from the live viewers. With topics ranging from courage to creativity, purpose to intuition, these discussions will engage and support you on your journey to self-knowledge. 

Ready to connect with a community of like-minded seekers? Welcome to the Gathering Pod.

Latest Episodes

This week, Martha talks about following the almost invisible “bright spots” at times that feel dark and cloudy. Martha helps you part the clouds of illusion and see the clear points of truth that can guide you home. (Originally [...]

This week, Martha takes another look at the concept of “surrender”—the kind of surrender that happens when you literally can’t hang on anymore. She goes through a step-by-step process that leads through the anguish of giving up and all [...]

Episode #94

Triggering Bliss

In this episode, Martha describes a “brain hack” you can use to drop yourself into bliss with minimal effort. Bring your curiosity and a little daring, try this technique and enjoy the ride! (Originally aired: August 14, 2022)

Episode #93

Your Perfect Problems

This week, Martha explains why our problems can be our best friends, our path to awakening. Each problem is designed to bother you enough to examine the beliefs that are limiting your soul. Learn how by listening to this [...]

In today’s Gathering Room, Martha talks about the “hidden doors” in our lives that keep us from seeing our own enlightened nature. Hint: look in the spaces between words, between thoughts, between sleeping and waking. Enlightenment is waving at [...]

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