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On Martha’s Bookshelf: Busting Loose From the Money Game

One of my Montana friends, a brilliant and eminently sane lawyer, lent me a book that at first glance did not appeal to me at all. It’s called Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. I was thrilled to receive it, though, because lately I’ve been quite preoccupied with the issue of helping people make a practical physical living while entering what I call the new consciousness.
“Aha!” I thought, “This will give me the language to talk to businessy folks who don’t wander through my corner of Blissville even on their way to buy milk.” I was all excited to come down out of the clouds to get some firmly grounded financial strategies for my clients and coaches.
Well, or not.
Scheinfeld’s pathway to prosperity involves exactly the same kind of “woo woo procedures” I keep writing about in my own work. Essentially, Scheinfeld believes that our entire reality is a kind of movie being scripted, acted out, and filmed by pure consciousness.
This is not what I expected from a book whose cover depicts two businessmen and a lot of dollar bills. I would never ask you to believe what Robert Scheinfeld believes, however; I would invite you to try his methods. As always, my criterion for accepting any premise is very simple: does it work? Scheinfeld’s method has been working for me for decades now. I am relieved that someone else has been willing to codify the procedure so that I can offer it to my financially anxious loved ones—and then bounce away like Tigger to play in the fields of infinite abundance. By the way, that abundance is not in my bank account, it is in the field of consciousness itself.


The New Normal…Insight from Martha

Disclaimer: CAUTION! You will either like this post, or comment to yourself that I have truly climbed off the crazy station and onto the crazy train. So if crazy doesn’t work for you, just stop now.
So I just got back from yet another delicious and astonishing experience, this one at a ranch in Montana owned by a dear friend. This is the same place where I experienced the original Pronghorn event. This year, because I now know that Pronghorns frequent the area, I decided to up the ante: “Wolves!” I thought to myself. It’s WAY harder to attract a wolf than a Pronghorn. Then I realized this was a ridiculous thought, since calling a wild wolf requires exactly the same amount of effort as calling a Pronghorn—in other words, practically nothing.
When I got to the ranch, I asked if there were any wolves living in the area. My friend said she thought a few had been seen 18 months prior. I invited everyone in the group to call in some wolves…and at 9 o’clock that night, guess who started howling outside the cabin? Oh yes they did! Some people heard them all night long. I, like an idiot, got too attached and did not hear them myself. Damn you, tenacious ego! Still, it was one hell of a “coincidence.”
Oh, and by the way, the day the whales came (see last “Insight from Martha”), it was covered INTERNATIONALLY. My friends in Africa saw it and called to tell me they figured I was on that beach.
This is all so normal.
But enough with my obsessive animal stories! The point is that I am experiencing what many of you are, too: an increasingly powerful conviction that what we once thought of as the world “out there” is in fact as intimately connected to each of us as our own heart. On one hand, my own physical body feels more and more like an animal that happily lives its life without obeying any of my conscious intentions; on the other hand, my consciousness feels capable of creating physical events that seem distant and impossible.
In Expecting Adam, I wrote about a moment when, exhausted, sick, and heartbroken, I sent out the thought “I just can’t do this. Maybe you should drive.” I didn’t know what I was talking to, and I still don’t. But whatever it was, it surrounded me with an inexplicable sweetness. It picked up my heart and held it like a baby. Ever since, there have been moments when I have climbed out of the driver’s seat, only to grab for control again when my inner lizard raised its fearful, scaly head.
These days, I simply don’t feel like driving. The passenger seat is much more fun. I watch my own body and mind playing ecstatically with the illusion of form.
Have I lost you yet? If so, I respectfully and lovingly do not care.
Recently, several clients have told me that they have an odd sense of being disconnected from their bodies. They still feel sensations, but find themselves acting strangely in their own eyes. They have stopped driving. The journey has been taken over by what we, in our coaching system, call their essential self. Some people seem to be able to stop this from happening deliberately, others invite and enjoy it, and others, weirdly, are observing it as it happens to them without any conscious decisions on their part. I’m sure this has always been possible, but I’m just warning you: these days, our essential selves are growing more and more powerful. The blissful game of consciousness clothed in matter is getting faster and more delicious. So if this is happening to you, and it’s freaking you out, relax. Let the wolves drive.