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The Good Work Foundation: Martha’s Playing the “$25,000 Match Game”!

Martha’s asking for your help and saying ‘thank you’ by matching what you give!

The Good Work Foundation is in need and is the primary organization supported by The LEAP Foundation, which is near and dear to Martha’s heart. Located in South Africa, the GWF’s main focus is on education.

The GWF’s goal is to bring world class education to the rural areas of South Africa.

The communities’ high school graduates are functionally illiterate. The GWF’s mission is to create an education model that is both sustainable and provides access to world class education at an affordable price. The education model is one that creates opportunities for people to invest in themselves.

GWF’s projects are focused in two areas:

  1. Pre-school teacher training and equipping preschools. Education is never as important as the child’s first few years in school. A happy, nurturing beginning means children who love to learn and are excited about their futures.
  2. The creation of Digital Learning Centers. The GWF is currently running a pilot project at the local Mpumalanga High School. The mission is to reinvent learning. They believe that this center will set a new trend as a completely alternate way to addressing the educational challenges of the country.

Martha is thrilled to be able to match every dollar donated up to $25,000.

US citizens, don’t forget to save your receipt. Donations made through The LEAP Foundation are tax deductible.

To donate, be matched,  and track where we are against our goal, click here: The LEAP Foundation


On Martha’s Bookshelf: Books I’ll Never Give Up

Books have been sacred to many of us for a long time. They were the avenues through which we could communicate with wise friends we would never meet in the flesh, many of whom lived long ago. But as I de-cluttered my home, I realized that the Internet really truly is not going away. I don’t love Shakespeare or Heidegger any less, I just know that now they live in my computer and don’t need to live on my bookshelf. I can recycle the books and save some trees while liberating my physical space. But some books I keep around for the same reason I still own candles, because I love the way they feel and smell and the glow they shine into my life. So I thought this month I’d let you know which books made the cut and stayed on my shelf.
First of all, the complete works of Dave Barry. Barry will be the first to tell you that much of his writing is composed of booger jokes. This does not in any way reduce his sheer literary genius. Being funny on the page is NOT easy and Barry is a virtuoso, I bow to his genius.
Another keeper, this one rather obscure, is a little book called Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu. Translated from the Chinese, this is a rather odd little volume that applies Taoist philosophy to modern life. I discovered Chu while I was on tour after I wrote Expecting Adam. I was working myself to death and achieving very little. This book saved my bacon.
Another volume I’ll never give away is called Love Poems from God by Daniel Ladinsky. It was a gift from the fabulous Tonya Leigh (thanks Tonya!). And I’ve paid it forward to at least 50 people. It’s a very free translation of many mystical poets and I just adore it.
I still have 100 books, so I won’t name every one of them here. I’ve donated literally thousands. But my point is that with all those books and millions more ready to pop up on our cell phones, we are free to treasure the really special ones, the way we do our own children. Make your list today and donate the rest. Open space, open space!