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Dysfunctional Family Bingo

Hello Blog Readers!

Martha Beck staffers Jessica and Bridgette here. We snuck onto the blog while Martha is ensconced finishing her book because we didn’t want you to miss out on playing Dysfunctional Family Bingo this holiday season. We whipped this post up for you.

Dysfunctional Family Bingo is the game where your relatives’ cringeworthy antics become your winning bingo card. Here’s how to play: You and your friends each print the blank card here: 

Each of you then fill in the squares with your unique family holiday dysfunctions. Aunt Sue makes an inappropriate comment about cousin Bertie’s weight and Grandma has too many hot toddies and passes out at dinner are a couple squares from our own staff players. Bring your card to your family gathering and as your family acts up, surreptitiously text or email your friends. First one to get bingo gets a free lunch at your post-holiday debrief gathering.

If you’d like more information on how to save your sanity this holiday season (and who doesn’t really?), be sure to check out Martha’s original article where she introduces us all to Dysfunctional Family Bingo. 



Martha’s Bookshelf: November 2010

This month, take a look at the fabulous new business book,The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing, by Lisa Gansky, which describes the way sharing resources is replacing cash commodities in many areas of the economy. I found this author’s perspective revolutionary and I believe that it will help many readers resolve their “money issues.” It’s hard for economists to keep track of the bewildering speed of change in the 21st century, but this book will give you a jump on the next few years at least.

This is Lisa Cavallaro here and Martha’s given me permission to tell you about a book I’m currently reading titled Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, by Gary Zukav. This book is about using our relationships as mirrors into our own souls. Making choices based in self-mastery, rather than fear, is the basis of this beautifully written book that encourages readers to heal our fear-based parts and cultivate and act from our love-based parts. Truly thought-provoking and an enjoyable read!