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Martha’s Bookshelf: February 2011

Last week I read Spontaneous Evolution, by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman. Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist who, in the middle of a successful medical career, began to believe that there is an almost magical quality to the intelligence to which cells function. He began running studies on quantum behavior in cell membranes and began writing books on how thought alone changes cell function, and in so doing, alters fundamentals of our biology. Lipton now believes that each of us can undergo a transformation of belief that will revolutionize our cell activity and our physical bodies. At that point, we become what he calls planetary stem cells, which work toward the health of all beings and the earth itself. The reason I love Lipton is that despite sounding like a wacky new ager, he’s an extremely bright scientist. His writing is entertaining, accessible and thought-provoking. See if your cells feel like reading him! 

I’ve also been reading the works of Richard Feynman. If you want to go on a delicious romp through what should be challenging territory with a delightful guide, ready any of Feynman’s books.