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Turtle-Step Up! (And Up, And Up…)


This is one of those days when I know exactly what I have to do, and I know that it will take about 179 hours, and I truly believe I have to do it all today.

I bet you have a lot of those days yourself. These days, we all do.

Tomorrow I head off once more for Africa—a continent where everywhere you look you can see a thousand things that need to be done, and you know how to do many of them, and they will take about 568,234,662 hours, and you desperately want to do them all today.

“We cannot do great things,” said Mother Teresa, “only small things with great love.”

On days like these, I take heart from the little video below. It was filmed at the ranch where my friend Koelle and I sometimes run horse-whispering/coaching workshops. The family of angelic people who run the ranch set up a little obstacle course, including a climbing rope. Walter, the patriarch of the clan, told me no woman had ever climbed it. Koelle promptly zipped up it like a monkey on espresso, but when I tried, I got nowhere. I mean No. Where. I just dangled from the end of the rope like a big lumpy meat-tassel.

Walter’s wife Karen, a gifted massage therapist, she told me my upper back muscles were weak. Well, that explained my utter lack of rope-climbing ability and the fibromyalgia pain I still felt in my neck and shoulders. I came back to near-normlcy after 12 years as a veritable invalid, so I set out to climb that rope, turtle step by turtle step. Some days I’d work out to strengthen my back, and many other days I had to let the muscles rest and recover. After six months, when I went back to the ranch…well, see below.

We can all break up any goal into many teensy-weensy turtle steps. No matter what you’re facing today, whether it’s churning through a ridiculous “to-do” list or trying to fix Africa, take one little step up. Tomorrow, take another one. Inch by inch, you’ll lift yourself all the way up.


So You Think You Can’t Dance: WHO CARES?

Once again yesterday, I got a lesson from my son, who’s been practicing ballroom dance in his man-cave.