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You guys, this is not just another writing course. Whether or not you’re already a writer, it’s your chance to have more impact in the world. The methods I teach in this course have made me a better writer, a happier person, and a member of a “light writing” community that’s lit up my whole world.

WRITE INTO LIGHT is my answer to a moment in human history of unprecedented technological, political, and ecological strangeness. Things could go horribly wrong for humanity at this point – or they could go wonderfully right. Everything we do as a species is supported and directed by the way we think, the way we make meaning of our world and the stories we tell each other about it.

In spite of everything, the pen really is still mightier than the sword.

WRITE INTO LIGHT is the most intimate project I’ve ever created. You’ll learn the art of mining your own experience for wisdom that can genuinely help other people and transform yourself.
Let’s do this thing.

With love and bear hugs,


Throughout time, there have been writers… and there have been what I call Light Writers. Writers express ideas. Light Writers go beyond existing ideas into new concepts that can liberate and transform their readers. This course will make you one of them.

WRITE INTO LIGHT is a guided tour of yourself and your own creative power. This course of lectures, Q&A calls and writing exercises is designed to lead you into the undiscovered core truths of your own consciousness. Light Writing isn’t just about wordsmithing. It’s about awakening.

In WRITE INTO LIGHT, you will:

  • Learn truths that strip away your cultural conditioning so that you and your writing can become wild, authentic and completely your own;
  • Find the “inner teacher” who will always guide and comfort you as you go beyond your current framework of understanding;
  • Get a clear-eyed look at the places in your life that are unsatisfying and off-course;
  • Learn radical new paradigms and concepts about yourself, the world, and how to interface these with your writing;
  • Discover that the alchemical magic of words is a skill you already wield, whether you know it or not;
  • Get a clear-eyed look at the places in your life that are unsatisfying and off-course;
  • Master specific writing methods that produce maximum impact on your readers;
  • Observe and interact with other writers who share the same ideals and are united in creating a culture of compassion.

By the end of the course, as a full-fledged Light Writer, you will be telling your deepest stories in your truest voice.

Are you ready to

Write into light?

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019

“WIL taught me the magic I never knew I already had, and I surprised myself over and over again.
– Lara O

“Since taking Write Into Light, my writing routine has become what I’ve always wanted: strong, consistent, and fluid. The group of writers I have met have become an integral part of my writing process, and what I feel has been a missing link in the life of a freelance writer and editor.
– Caroline J

About Martha

Martha Beck, PhD, is a Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach and New York Times bestselling author. She has published nine non-fiction books, one novel, and more than 200 magazine articles.

“I’m shocked every time someone introduces me as a ‘bestselling author,’ because I’ve never written to sell myself, only to save myself. Writing is my favorite tool for addressing and dissolving my own suffering. At some point I discovered that it could help others, too. Since then I’ve been humbled by the responses I receive to my books and articles. My most recent stint as a monthly contributor for O, The Oprah Magazine, has lasted 17 years.

The method I call Light Writing is what’s earned me all those gigs. But I still do it primarily to wake myself up, to live more authentically and experience more joy. That makes writing my daily bread in every way I can imagine. I would love to share it with you.”


“I’ve been writing my whole life and the only way that I can reach that deep feeling of safety and relaxation is through Light Writing.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I can hardly believe our privilege in having my beloved friend and co-conspirator, Elizabeth Gilbert, join us in WRITE INTO LIGHT for regular conversations about writing, the writer’s life, and creating a better world.

You will know her from her megacrazy blockbuster bestselling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love and her TED Talk on writing and genius. She is also, of course, a virtuoso Light Writer.

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019

About Write Into Light


You are a good fit for this program if you:

  • Want to give your writing more impact in the world
  • Are looking for a way out of personal ruts in your life
  • Want to learn from a bestselling author to improve your writing craft
  • Want clarity in your circumstances and direction
  • Feel a nameless yearning for a spiritual connection that’s grounded and personal
  • Are looking for a community of smart, funny, like-minded writers.

Are you ready to

Write into light?

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019

What will you do in Write Into Light?

WRITE INTO LIGHT is divided into three sessions, each lasting five weeks and including a Light Writing conversation between Martha and Elizabeth Gilbert.

The three sessions, which build upon each other, are:

  • Be the Truth
  • Be the Change
  • Be the Light

Each session consists of:

  • Three video lectures by Martha, with closed captioning options and downloadable audio versions and transcripts for added convenience
  • A Q&A live call with Martha to answer your program questions and connect with the group in a live setting
  • Three writing exercises to enlarge and develop your skills in the lecture themes
  • Worksheets, resources and videos by Martha on developing your writing technique
  • Your online home: a comprehensive “Light Site” housing all lectures and resources, recording your progress and allowing for self-paced learning and deep engagement with the content.
  • Forums on the Light Site, where you’ll workshop and improve your writing by giving and receiving feedback from one another.
  • A community forum (also on the Light Site) with conversation, engagement and Light Writing talk with your peers and the Write Into Light team.
  • And, the opportunity to eavesdrop on a Light Writing conversation with Martha and Liz Gilbert!

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”
Roy T. Bennett

“Write into Light took my writing to a new level – richer, fuller, more authentically me. What I didn’t expect was it would also do the same for my life.
– Mary W

“Write into Light opened a path before me, one I barely knew existed. I had been searching for community and direction for both my writing and my life, and found it.
– Betsy K

Are you ready to

Write into light?

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019

Get a sampler of a Write Into Light class

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Burn brightest with the Write Into Light

If you want to immerse yourself in Write Into Light, our IMMERSION program may be for you. The Immersion program is an intensive experience. It’s for those who are ready for a deep dive into the writing that creates awakening.

We are inviting a small group of committed writers to take part in this program. It offers all the personal touches that aren’t possible in a course the size of Write Into Light: professional feedback, support, development and interaction with Martha.

Immersion Includes

  • A tight-knit Immersion group.
  • Individual written feedback on each writing exercise from our team of professional editors.
  • Personal one-on-one support from our team.
  • A specialized bonus class for your small group.
  • Eight interactive group discussions (via Zoom) with Martha about your progress.
  • PLUS! The opportunity to have Martha provide feedback on three of your writing exercises at the end of the program.

You’re right for IMMERSION if you:

  • Are ready to hypercharge your ability as a writer.
  • Want to break through the psychological blocks keeping you from making your voice heard in the world.
  • Want to develop your work among editing experts and high-level writing peers.
  • Want to experience writing under tight deadlines.
  • Are ready to commit to an intensive program that will change your life and your art.

The Write into Light IMMERSION program is limited to a maximum of 20 participants and is by application only. The cost is $8900.

Apply now for Immersion



Hear from Past Light Writers: Rose

For me, light writing means plunging headlong into the weirdest and worst truths of life and myself, and using the magic I have to form them into something GORGEOUS. Something which only I could make.

Here’s what I got out of WRITE INTO LIGHT:

  • A treasure trove of techniques, practices and attitudes for better accessing my creativity, for writing truthfully and well.
  • A reintroduction to my own voice as a writer.
  • ANOTHER treasure trove of spiritual, literary and psychological concepts. WIL installed a quirky little library of ideas and books in my head which I intend to consult regularly.

The Program

Session 1: Be The Truth May 7 - June 11, 2019

In this initial five-week session, you will uncover areas in your own life and mind where you lack clarity and purpose. The lectures and Light Writing exercises will help you connect with the truth and use it to illuminate yourself and your readers. In developing your own writing, you’ll learn to calm and comfort yourself in difficult times, and become a source of healing wisdom for your readers.

Session 2: Be The Change June 18 - July 16, 2019

This session is designed to help you begin transforming your life and writing into “the change you wish to see in the world.” The lectures and exercises will help you pinpoint areas where you want change to occur, then make gentle, powerful, lasting transformation in your life while offering inspiration to others.

As your Light Writing practice becomes more ingrained and familiar, you’ll become more and more proficient at making positive changes, then using your experience to lift and inspire readers.

Session 3: Be The Light July 23 - August 20, 2019

In our final session, the culmination of Write Into Light, you’ll learn to write freely from a place deeper than intellect. Light Writing is a way to open your mind to the realm of philosophers, poets and mystics—true world-changers. The realm where your true self belongs.

  • You’ll become more skilled at quieting your thoughts and allowing inspiration to arise from a place wiser than the mind.
  • You’ll learn to find more humor, fun, and delight through your writing.
  • You’ll discover ways to create by allowing, rather than striving, and find that allowing your greatest happiness and self-expression is also the best way you can help other beings and the world.

Are you ready to

Write into light?

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019

Program Specifics

Write Into Light Main Program

  • Lectures by Martha are available to you on your Light Site (in closed captioned video, audio and in transcript form); watch or listen at your convenience.
  • Four live, 90-minute calls with Martha, held at 10am Pacific on May 7 (Welcome call), June 11, July 16 and August 20.
  • Supplementary material each week — videos, worksheets, reference material — on the craft of writing.
  • Three recordings throughout the course of Martha and Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the process of Light Writing in their own lives.
  • New lectures and materials are added into your Light Site each Tuesday.
  • You can workshop your writing exercises with your fellow Light Writers in the discussion forums in the Light Site.
  • Bonus recording on publishing your work. You’ll submit questions in advance, and they will definitely be answered!
  • The WIL Library houses a video collection called “The Writer’s Studio.” In each video, Martha covers aspects of the craft of writing as well as living the writer’s life.

Write Into Light IMMERSION

Participants in the Immersion program receive everything in the Main Program, plus…

  • Regular interactive video meetings with Martha to dig deeper into course themes and concepts.
  • Personalized written feedback on each of your writing exercises by professional editors.
  • One-on-one coaching session for deeper integration of the course content in your life.
  • Small group publishing class, ongoing support and discussion with world-class editor Betsy Rapoport. Betsy has decades of experience in publishing and has worked with some of the best-known writers of our time.
  • Private Light Site discussion forum for Immersion participants in which you’ll receive support and assistance in developing your writing from the Write Into Light team.
  • Written feedback from Martha on your choice of three of your writing exercises.

Hear from other Write into light participants





“I wrote through a lot during WIL and came out the other side clearer and calmer than I’ve ever been. - Kate G
“WIL was the training I’d been looking for for the last ten years: instruction in how to take that exhaustive and heartfelt search for purpose, meaning, and enlightenment that had previously been confined to my private journals, and turn it into something that would reach and help others. - Emma W
“The Write Into Light course were the fractals of Alchemy both my writing and I were waiting for. You will learn how to pluck light from stars and weave it into poetry. - Carol B
*WIL got me writing more deeply, truly, freely, AND more regularly. - Kate G


How does the program work and what is the schedule?

Between May 1 and August 20, there will be something new happening in the program each week. You’ll find all the program resources on a website we call The Light Site.  When you are given access to the site on May 1, you’ll find four modules of Pre-Work, which you’re invited to complete prior to May 14.

There are four live calls with Martha that occur throughout the program, that will include a period of Q&A.  Each week, new content will become available on the Light Site. This material includes:

  • Martha’s weekly lecture
  • Weekly writing exercises
  • Writer’s Studio videos to improve your writing skills
  • Recordings of Martha and Elizabeth Gilbert’s conversations about writing
  • A bonus recording.

For more information, see the program schedule below.

Program Schedule
May 1 – Light Sight Opens
May 7 – Live Welcome/Kickoff Call with Martha and others
May 14 – Be the Truth Class 1 opens on Light Site
May 21 – Be the Truth Class 2 opens on Light Site
May 28 – Liz Talks Recording #1 opens on Light Site
June 4 – Be the Truth Class 3 opens on Light Site
June 11 – Be the Truth – Live call with Martha
June 18 – Be the Change Class 1 opens on Light Site
June 25 – Be the Change Class 2 opens on Light Site
July 2 – Liz Talks Recording #2 opens on Light Site
July 9 – Be the Change Class 3 opens on Light Site
July 16 – Be the Change – Live Call with Martha
July 18 – Your Publishing Questions Answered recording opens on Light Site
July 23 – Be the Light Class 1 opens on Light Site
July 30 – Be the Light Class 2 opens on Light Site
August 6 – Liz Talks Recording #3 opens on Light Site
August 13 – Be the Light Class 3 opens on Light Site
August 20 – Be the Light – Wrap-up/Live Call with Martha
February 2020 – Light Site closes for Write Into Light 2019 program

What’s the difference between Write Into Light 2018 and Write Into Light 2019?

In the Main Program, the Main Lectures are same as last year. Here’s what’s new:

  • Eight new Writing Exercises,
  • Nine new Writer’s Studio videos (plus access to 2018’s Writer’s Studio videos),
  • Community forums are now within the Light Site (i.e., no Facebook),
  • Transcripts are now available for ALL videos and audios, and
  • You’ll have the option to view the videos with closed captioning.

In addition to the Main Program items mentioned above, Immersion Program participants will receive a page of written feedback from Martha on three of their writing exercises.  (More info in the feedback FAQ.)

What do I need to do to prepare for this program?

Set aside at least two hours a week for reviewing course materials and for writing. You may need more time to write; everyone’s creative process is different.

How will I interact with the Write Into Light team?

The forums will be the place to get assistance from the team, whether it’s help with the writing exercises, follow-up questions from the lectures, technical issues or program logistics. We’ll also provide email addresses if you need additional help.

Will I interact with other Light Writers in the program?

Yes, if you’d like to. We believe community is an essential part of this program, so we’ve created discussion forums for Light Writers to use within the Light Site. You’ll be able to post your writing for feedback from fellow Light Writers, ask questions about the program, and also ask questions about the writing exercises. Participation in the forums is optional.

Do I have deadlines or can I work at my own pace?

Even though we’ll be releasing new material each week, there are no deadlines in the Main Program by which you need to complete your nine writing exercises, watch the videos, and access the rest of the program materials. You choose the pace that suits you best.

If you participate in the Immersion program, you’ll have tight deadlines to submit your work in order to receive feedback from the Reading Elves and Martha.

How long will I have access to the course material?

The Light Site will remain open after the program ends in August. It will officially close in February 2020, so you’ll have at least five additional months to access the 2019 program.

Will this help with the novel, short story or article I’ve been working on?

Many Light Writers have told us their writing gained new depth as a result of participating in Write Into Light. Because of the specific nature of our program, we ask that you write new pieces for each Writing Exercise.  You might also choose to use your writing from this program in some other format such as a blog post, or as the nucleus for another, longer format.

How will I receive feedback on my writing?

As part of the program’s pre-work, we teach Light Writers how to give, and receive, constructive and kind feedback. We encourage everyone to seek out feedback from one another by posting their writing exercise pieces in the Light Site’s forums. It’s optional; no one is forced to share their writing with others. The Write Into Light team (including Martha) won’t be able to provide any feedback to Main Program participants.

Immersion Program participants’ writing will be read every week by our Reading Elves, and they will receive written feedback. In addition, all Immersion participants will have the opportunity to submit three pieces of their Write Into Light work to be read by Martha Beck at the end of the course. Martha will give each Immersion participant written feedback on their selected pieces.

Are there any opportunities for discounts or scholarships?

Yes!  If you’re an alumni of Write Into Light, check your email for alumni discount details.  If you’re new to the program, these discounts are available:

  • Purchase all three sessions of Write Into Light (Be the Truth, Be the Change and Be the Light) in advance and save $175.
  • Register by midnight on March 26 and you’ll also receive an early bird discount of $50 (reflected automatically in the price on the date you register).
  • If you apply for the Immersion Program by March 26 and are accepted, you’ll receive a discount of $400 (reflected automatically in the price on the date of payment)
If I have limited ability to see or hear, are there any accommodations for me?

Yes. All calls are recorded so you can listen and rewind if needed, there are written transcripts of all videos and audio recordings, and you will have the option to view the course videos with closed captioning.

Is there a refund policy?

We believe that you’ll truly enjoy the Write Into Light experience. If, however, you aren’t satisfied with the program, we will provide a full refund as follows:

  • Through May 30 if you have purchased only Session 1 (Be the Truth) or
  • Through June 20 if you have purchased all three Sessions of the program.
  • If you are accepted into and purchase the Immersion program, you will have 24 hours from our receipt of your payment to request a full refund. After that period elapses there will be no refunds.
  • To request a refund, email WILTechSupport@marthabeck.com. Refund requests will not be granted after the dates listed above.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Buy all three sessions now to maximize your savings for $875
(payment plan available)

Or test the waters with one session for $350

Registration closes April 30, 2019