You guys, this is not just another writing workshop. 

At some point in my life of voracious reading and compulsive writing, I noticed something that still takes my breath away; when a willing writer sits down with an open heart, words begin to cross the threshold of magic and become pure communion of spirit. Writing spins shining threads of meaning between like minds, joining them in a web of possibility that is more than the sum of its parts.  

The WRITE INTO LIGHT course is built on this truth. It's my answer to a moment in human history of unprecedented technological, political, and ecological strangeness. Things could go horribly wrong for humanity at this point - or they could go wonderfully right. Everything we do as a species is supported and directed by the way we think, the way we spin those magical threads of meaning. And that is the special province of writers. In spite of everything, the pen really is still mightier than the sword.  

WRITE INTO LIGHT will guide you into your own core wisdom, then refine your power to convey that wisdom to others. It's going to transform you. It's going to create culture and community. It's going to change the world. I'm not even kidding.  

Are you a LightWriter? If you've read this far, I suspect you already know the answer.  

With love and bear hugs,  


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