Dream Interpretation Journal


81 Pages

Delivered as physical binder and worksheets.

Do you wonder what your dreams are saying to you?

Hi, Martha Beck here. This dream journal is meant to help you decode the messages your essential self sends to you in the form of night dreams.  The cover is my rendition of a dream I had many times, which turned out to be literally true (20 years later!).

As you record and analyze your dreams using the forms in this journal, you’ll remember more about each night’s dream-time, and begin to understand your own personal symbology – the meaning your subconscious mind has encoded in each aspect of your dreams.  You’ll find that even seemingly insignificant dream fragments can send powerful messages.  I wish you deep and restorative sleep, and encourage you to dream on!

Each Dream Interpretation Journal arrives with a complete set of Dream Analysis forms presented in the context of my approach to dream interpretation. The binder has 4 sections of information and worksheets, with a total of 81 pages:

  1. Instructions for Interpreting Your Dreams
  2. Direct Dream Descriptions
  3. Symbol Decoding Forms
  4. Expanded Dream Descriptions

Additional analysis forms for use in your Dream Journal. These are forms only, delivered by download, without the context of the process of interpretation.