Martha On Money MP3

A One-on-One Session with Martha Beck


60 minutes.

Delivered as a downloadable MP3 file.

 Transcript file included for download.

Martha’s client is so full of money fears that she ignores her bills when they come in the mail, even though she can pay them.  When her utilities get shut off for non-payment, she turns to Martha for help.  Martha helps this client find some practical solutions, then guides her through her bag-lady fears.  Along the way, Martha explains the nature of money, and helps the client understand how worrying about money actually creates poverty.  By the conclusion of the coaching session, the client has a game plan for organizing her paperwork, paying her bills, and attracting abundance into her life.

This recording is a must for anyone who envisions becoming a bag lady, is afraid to think about money, or avoids paying their bills.  It’s also a powerful lesson in how to coach yourself or a client through these classic fears.