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A Virtual Gathering of Wayfinders with Martha Beck


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It’s time to reinvent your life!

But only if you’re into that kind of thing, of course.

Most of us truly think that life is happening to us. As children, it never crosses our minds that we are actually inventing all our responses to life, and therefore a large part of what comes back to us from every single experience. You can achieve quantum leaps forward when you realize that your life is an invention—and that you can take over as its inventor. This insight sets you free to reinvent yourself based on your true desires, preferences, and passions.

Most makeover attempts fail: the hapless victim smiles for the camera, then runs right home to wash out the new hairstyle and makeup. Why? Because those makeovers allow others to do the inventing. Only by starting from the deepest place inside can we discover our own powers of invention, and create lives that harmonize with our true purpose.

Join Martha for this 90-minute session of reinvention. In another amazing “Gathering of Wayfinders,” Martha helps you examine the foundations of the life you already have, determine which parts aren’t really you, and build the foundation for a new future—one that lets you use your huge, inherent inventive ability in the service of your unique destiny.

If you’re looking for that inspiration to reinvent your life—which in my world is really about becoming more yourself—and make this year your best year yet, then listen in!