You guys, this is not just another writing workshop. 

At some point in my life of voracious reading and compulsive writing, I noticed something that still takes my breath away; when a willing writer sits down with an open heart, words begin to cross the threshold of magic and become pure communion of spirit. Writing spins shining threads of meaning between like minds, joining them in a web of possibility that is more than the sum of its parts.  

The WRITE INTO LIGHT course is built on this truth. It's my answer to a moment in human history of unprecedented technological, political, and ecological strangeness. Things could go horribly wrong for humanity at this point - or they could go wonderfully right. Everything we do as a species is supported and directed by the way we think, the way we spin those magical threads of meaning. And that is the special province of writers. In spite of everything, the pen really is still mightier than the sword.  

WRITE INTO LIGHT is the most intimate project I've ever created, and the most ambitious. It will guide you into your own core wisdom, then refine your power to convey that wisdom to others. It's going to transform you. It's going to create culture and community. It's going to change the world. I'm not even kidding.  

Are you a LightWriter? If you've read this far, I suspect you already know the answer.  

The first five-week WRITE INTO LIGHT session is called "Be the Truth." Facing the pure, unadorned, even disturbing truth is the basis of all personal insight and all great writing. Telling that truth is the craft of every LightWriter. So come on. Let's do this thing.  

With love and bear hugs,  


Liz Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert Joins the Light Writers! 

PLUS! In the final week of each session, Martha will be joined by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All Things. Liz is the embodiment of what it means to be a LightWriter, and we can't wait to introduce this community to her insight, passion, and inspiration.


The Write into Light project is a series of three five-week telecourses across 2017. Sessions build upon one another, so we recordings of all previous sessions are available no matter when you join us.


As a LightWriter, you'll receive information, encouragement, and support to move you more and more deeply into your own innate wisdom. You will practice the art of expressing that wisdom in powerful, engaging ways.  

Each five-week course consists of:  

  • Weekly live classes, taught by Martha, including 30 minutes of Q&A. Recordings available for previous classes. 
  • Targeted exercises to help you use writing as a way of accessing your own inner guidance.  
  • Help, advice, and encouragement from your peers and from Martha's team as you submit your work.  
  • The possibility of having your work read by Martha Beck.  
  • The company of a like-minded community with which you can share not only your writing but the whole experience of becoming a LightWriter.


As you move through the classes, exercises, sharing, and discussion of the course, you'll be guided to:  

  • Learn new paradigms and concepts with which to understand yourself and the world.
  • Access the deep wisdom within you, articulating messages that have been shaped by your unique experiences.
  • Learn that the alchemical magic of words is already part of your innate skill set, whether you know it or not. 
  • Observe and interact with other writers, including Martha and her team, who share the same ideals and are united in creating a culture of compassion.
  • Complete refined pieces of writing for your blog, podcast, one-person show, book, or any other medium you choose.


  • Classes take place over the phone or webstream (audio only, no video). 
  • Classes take place on Tuesdays. 
  • Each class takes place at 10am Pacific Time/1pm Eastern Time.  
  • Each class is 90-minutes long and will include 30 minutes of Q&A with Martha. 
  • Can't make the live call? No problem! All calls will be recorded and made available for download for you to keep forever and ever. 
  • All LightWriters will receive access to a fun, interactive online learning environment, with call recordings, class exercises, and a forum to connect with fellow LightWriters.  
  • PLUS! All LightWriters will have the opportunity to apply to an exclusive on-site writing workshop with Martha at her North Star Ranch on the beautiful central coast of California.

Session 1: Be the Truth (Recordings Provided) 

This initial five-week session will ground you in the single most important skill for a writer or a seeker: peeling away all artifice and knowing your truth.  

  • The kick-off class will teach you new ways of conceptualizing your truth - not as simple empirical fact, but as combined, natural intelligence of the heart, body, and mind.
  • In each successive class, Martha will teach more advanced concepts for accessing the single most important component of personal development and writing: truth.
  • Each class will end with a writing prompt designed first to take your attention inward to your core truths, and then to refine a piece of writing that is helpful and relevant to others.

Session 2: Be the Change (Live June 27-July25) 

"Be the Change" will teach you to use writing as time travel - literally. It will help you turn both your past and your future into the ultimately benevolent lessons they are meant to be.  

  • As we begin, you'll learn that thinking and writing can be employed to connect with your own past and future. This is a practical skill, and one you already instinctively use.
  • The classes will help you use your writing to embody Gandhi's vision: "be the change you wish to see in the world". You"ll define and expand upon the area in which you passionately wish to see change.
  • In the inward-leading components of the course, you'll tune into what "wants to happen" in several key areas of your life. The outward-directed exercises will use these lessons to make you a "soul guide" for others.

Session 3: Be the Light (Live August 29- September 28) 

In our final course for 2017, you'll go beyond mental calculation into pure inspiration, the realm of philosophers, poets, mystics, true world-changers - the realm where you belong, whether you know it or not.  

  • In class, Martha will show how writing can be a conduit for consciousness. You will encounter the vast intelligence that includes all of us, and actively wants to speak through us.
  • The "inward" exercises will help you move into the artistic space where the voice of consciousness can express its infinite wisdom and compassion for you. 
  • The "outward" exercises open your mind to transmit the most intelligent, loving, and transformative messages that only you can offer the world.

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Martha Beck 

Martha Beck spent most of her early life managing her anxiety by crouching in her bedroom and writing obsessively in notebooks. This turned out to be an advantage in the educational system, where Martha eventually earned a BA, MA, and Ph.D., all from Harvard. At that point, she decided to try writing for a living. She's since published several books (memoir, self-help, and one novel) and well over 200 articles for various national magazines. She lives in the woods of Central California, where she crouches and writes obsessively in notebooks.

Betsy Rapoport

Betsy Rapoport is a professional editor, writer, and a certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach. She has had the great good fortune to edit bestselling authors such as Martha Beck, Candice Bergen, Carrie Fisher, President Jimmy Carter, Magic Johnson, and others, and now specializes in creating book proposals and helping authors find agents and in-house editors. Betsy's essays and articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and more. She is the coauthor with Rosalind Wiseman of Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads. Learn more about her at and the imaginatively named

Betsy Rappaport
Katja Elk

Katja Elk

Katja Elk is a writer and coach with decades of experience in business, soul-searching, and communion with the natural world. From childhood, she has trained as a "horse gentler," studying with world-famous masters. Her training in design took her to high-level positions at Paramount and Disney, as well as several other entertainment companies and advertising agencies. She left corporate life to focus on her passion for working with horses and helping people generate more meaningful, creative, whole-hearted lives.  

For more details, visit and

Rowan Mangan

Rowan Mangan is a writer and editor from Australia. Having been raised in a penal colony, she plays fast and loose with the law and has been jailed in 14 countries.* Rowan has followed an erratic path through life: completing a masters degree in international politics, working in an Irish bar and a Thai NGO (not at the same time), traveling alone through Europe, India and South-East Asia, and several of those '"stan" countries. For a while, shockingly, she even held down a desk job. Rowan has served as a freelance for many organizations, including the United Nations, The AIDS Access Foundation, and the Sydney educational system. She's won a number of writing prizes, and is currently working on a PhD in Creative Writing.  

*Rowan primarily writes fiction. It isn't always clear that she knows the difference between story and fact, or whether she even cares.



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Write Into Light 


Classes will begin on June 27

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