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Welcome to a virtual gathering that will kindle your curiosity and soothe your soul! Join Martha Beck for the podcast edition of her weekly Facebook event, and listen in as she touches on a spirituality or personal growth topic that’s on her mind. 

You’ll also hear the lively conversation that follows as Martha opens the floor to questions from the live viewers. With topics ranging from courage to creativity, purpose to intuition, these discussions will engage and support you on your journey to self-knowledge. 

Ready to connect with a community of like-minded seekers? Welcome to the Gathering Pod.

Latest Episodes

Episode #80

Come Healing

This week, Martha parses the song “Come Healing,” by Leonard Cohen. She uses the text as a basis for our understanding of the transformation of human consciousness and a lens to understand the good and bad of our own [...]

Episode #79

Ditch the Doldrums

This week, Martha talks about what to do when your enthusiasm has hit a wall—when you feel stumped and stuck. “The doldrums” happens to us all, but there’s a simple way to cope. (Originally aired, April 3, 2022)

Episode #78

No Pressure

In this episode of the Gathering Room, Martha talks PRESSURE. Taking it off ourselves, that is. How do we do it? What happens if we can? The answers will delight you! (Originally aired, March 27, 2022)

This week, Martha takes on WORRY: that insidious mental autoplay that can ruin any occasion, no matter how joyous! Tune in to learn some simple but powerful tools to ease your troubled mind and discover that every little thing [...]

Episode #76

Hardcore Kindness

This week on the Gathering Room, Martha introduces a radical new approach to healing: being kind to ourselves. You’ll be amazed how powerful this approach is, and Martha explains it brilliantly through her own experience. (Originally aired, March 13, [...]

In this unique one-hour Oprah’s Book Club Edition of the Gathering Room, Martha talks INTEGRITY! She digs deeper into the ways that you can bring your life into more peace, freedom, belonging and joy. With questions from our new [...]

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