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Welcome to a virtual gathering that will kindle your curiosity and soothe your soul! Join Martha Beck for the podcast edition of her weekly Facebook event, and listen in as she touches on a spirituality or personal growth topic that’s on her mind. 

You’ll also hear the lively conversation that follows as Martha opens the floor to questions from the live viewers. With topics ranging from courage to creativity, purpose to intuition, these discussions will engage and support you on your journey to self-knowledge. 

Ready to connect with a community of like-minded seekers? Welcome to the Gathering Pod.

Latest Episodes

In this unique one-hour Oprah’s Book Club Edition of the Gathering Room, Martha talks INTEGRITY! She digs deeper into the ways that you can bring your life into more peace, freedom, belonging and joy. With questions from our new [...]

In the Gathering Room this week, Martha tells you how to keep moving towards your heart’s desires, even when they seem unattainable. Also, some juicy listener questions in this episode! (Originally aired, February 27, 2022)

Life is full of ups and downs, and most of us get pretty knocked around by it. In this Gathering Room, Martha teaches us a simple psychological step that can instantly make suffering diminish and happiness increase. Listen to [...]

This week on the Gathering Room, Martha takes on embarrassment, which ensues when we reveal truths the ego would rather hide. We can react by hiding more (increasing shame) or watching our embarrassment calmly. Try the second option, and [...]

Episode #71

Slow is Fast

In this week’s Gathering Room, Martha talks about a concept that seems paradoxical in the context of our speed-obsessed culture. Look at that thing you think you need to do. Look at the time you’re estimating it will take [...]

Martha had an unexpected encounter with a wild animal this past week, and it gave her some insight about what to do when you’re freaking out. Listen in to learn the significance of “pulling over,” the role of co-regulation [...]

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