with martha beck

Welcome to a virtual gathering that will kindle your curiosity and soothe your soul! Join Martha Beck for the podcast edition of her weekly Facebook event, and listen in as she touches on a spirituality or personal growth topic that’s on her mind. 

You’ll also hear the lively conversation that follows as Martha opens the floor to questions from the live viewers. With topics ranging from courage to creativity, purpose to intuition, these discussions will engage and support you on your journey to self-knowledge. 

Ready to connect with a community of like-minded seekers? Welcome to the Gathering Pod.

Latest Episodes

At this time of year, some of us feel joy… while others are mostly feeling dread. If you’re in the second group, watch this week’s Gathering Room. Martha helps you make the worst of the holidays into the best. [...]

Stories. They have more power over us than we might think. But we can choose (yes, CHOOSE) to retell stories in ways that can re-train our brains! Join Martha for this week’s Gathering Room and learn how to teach [...]

This week on the Gathering Room, Martha goes into the light. She talks about the shift from a bleak and difficult worldview to an experience of life that feels joyful and safe. She calls this the light at the [...]

In this week’s Gathering Room, Martha talks about the fear that can affect us without our conscious minds ever knowing why. A sight, smell or sound associated with negative experiences in the past can put us into fear or [...]

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