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Find a Coach: California


Carrie Bliss

San Diego, California

Carrie’s style is captivating. She’s creative, compassionate, strong and feminine.  A registered yoga teacher, trainer, author and entertainer that wants you to experience your best ever around the bend. When you’re ready to bust through, pre-game or recharge from the aftermath, Carrie will see you through.

Specialties: Personal Growth, Weight Loss

Jane Breuss

Coarsegold, California
559 246-0696

Hi! I taught quitting smoking for years and now I am blending this expertise with my life coach training to help you quit smoking once and for all. No gimmicks or pills or medication! Visit my website – I offer 1:1 coaching and group telecourses – meet others for mutual support. Thanks!

Specialties: Personal Growth, Women's Issues

Wendy Broughton

Santee, California
619 749-0922

Body-Mind-Spirit Balance; from Recovery to Purposeful Living

Master Certified

Kirsten Cameron

San Rafael, California
415 997-9951

For entrepreneurs (or those who want to be), or if you are just leaving or entering the workforce, I will provide you with the guidance, structure and advice needed at this tumultous time. Overcome your limitations, be accountable, and move forward to more fulfillment.

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Spiritual Growth

Sherri Cannon

Rancho Palos Verdes, California
310 548-3623

Life Coaching, Consulting, Design & Facilitation of Learning Experiences.


Maura Captain, MA

Los Angeles, California

How would your life be different if you had more confidence? If worry, self-doubt, and fear had less impact on you? I help clients develop genuine confidence to be more effective in their careers & relationships. Join the Confidence Revolution.

Specialties: Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Work / Life Balance

Brooke Castillo

El Dorado Hills, California

Self Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching and Life Coach Mentoring.


Specialties: Weight Loss
Master Certified

Trina Charlesworth, LCSW

San Diego, California
858 254-0808

Empowering men and women to improve relationship dynamics through changing thought patterns and building effective communication skills.
I have also been licensed as a psychotherapist since December 2000.

Specialties: Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Women's Issues

Kirsten Cole

Rocklin, California

I help people gain clarity, direction and meaning in their lives so they can live with intention and create a life they love.  Lead your life. Live fully. Be you

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Weight Loss, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Liz Connors

Burbank, California

I help two amazing groups of people. First, people who want to create happy, meaningful careers that help heal the world, without living in poverty. Second, people who have recovered from trauma who want to create the joyful, inspiring lives they thought would come with healing, but didn’t.

Specialties: Business / Career, Creativity, Entrepreneur, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth