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Find a Coach: Maryland

Anu Gupta, Ph.D.

Takoma Park, Maryland
301 270-1342

Integrated work and life design for individuals with many diverse interests and passions. What if you could have it all?

Specialties: Business / Career, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

Elizabeth B. Herman

Baltimore, Maryland

Executive, personal, and Equus Coach serving individual clients, not for profit leaders, and various high-performance teams.  By providing customized workshops, strategic thinking retreats, and coaching programs, I help you achieve lofty personal and professional goals.  “Productivity fueled by humanity.”

Specialties: Business / Career, Equus, Leadership, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance
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Kara Maureen O’Brien

Bethesda, Maryland

Life coach for your love life.  When you are struggling to actually love your loved ones, call me. I adore helping clients with their romantic relationships- especially dating drama. And I am passionate about helping clients with the all-important, always tricky mother/daughter dynamic.  

Specialties: Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues
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Shawna O’Hagan Morrow, CPA

Silver Spring, Maryland
(301) 678-9453

Looking for purpose, passion and peace? As a CPA turned life coach, I’ll guide you in finding clarity about your dreams and goals to end personal struggles and create well-being. Together we’ll discover what sets your heart on fire, brings you peace and joy like you’ve never experienced. Let’s get started!

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Weight Loss, Work / Life Balance

Gretchen Pisano

Frederick, Maryland
301 624-5746

Reinvention and building a balanced life. Personal and professional coaching through major life transitions and stall-outs. Live your life ON PURPOSE.

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Expat, Families and Children, Leadership, Relationships, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance
Master Certified

Houkje Ross

Mt. Rainier, Maryland

“All the world’s a stage… and all the men and women merely players.” -Shakespeare

Stop playing a flat character! Break out of old habits and find yourself becoming the round character in your own life story. Find greater balance, meaning, and joy in your life.

Specialties: Business / Career, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Work / Life Balance

Dixie St. John, MA

Rockville, Maryland

As a Master Certified Coach, Equus Coach, MBI Instructor, and “Transition Tour Guide”, I help my clients navigate and grow through the “in-between” places and lead their lives with intention. My coaching draws from positive psychology, my educational background in Thanatology, and my extensive experience with grief and end-of-life support.

Specialties: Equus, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Women's Issues
Master Certified

Amy Steindler

Annapolis, Maryland

Amy coaches individuals to access the insights, curiosity and wisdom that exist, sometimes hidden, in each of us.  She teaches clients how to use their inner light for guidance on their life’s journey, and uses gentle humor, dream work, and gobs of metaphors to open up new ways of thinking.

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

Heather Tydings-Goldfarb

Frederick, Maryland

Heather is a therapist and life coach. She combines solution focused therapy and life coaching for clients who want to live satisfying and meaningful lives.  Heather’s professional experiences afford her clients individualized planning and access to both traditional or conservative and contemporary or progressive clinical and coaching resources. 


Specialties: Families and Children, Health and Wellness, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance