Families and Children

Elizabeth Smith

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Welcome to Banyan Tree Coaching, where you will be rooted in growth, progress and connection with your true-self. It is my honor to guide my clients toward very clear goals, while implementing creative and science-based tools that teach them to overcome their limiting thoughts that hold them back from a joy-filled life.

Gwynn Press Anidjar

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I help women who have lost touch with joy reclaim hope and learn to live inspired lives. I am also certified as an ADHD Parent Coach in the Calm and Connected method. I provide parents of complex kids tools and strategies to improve cooperation and success.

Cid Lough

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The path to Joyful Wellness begins with learning to reconnect with yourSelf and trust the wisdom within you. My passion, as a Joyful Life & Wellness Coach, is to provide powerful tools and a safe, sacred space where you can discover your own unique embodiment of wellness and joy.

Katherine North

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I’m a queer feminist, mother of five, and heathen mystic. My clients are driven, ambitious, and secretly oh-so-tender. They’re authors, producers, attorneys, executives, designers— and kindred spirits. When life gets bigger and more complicated than you expected, I’ll help you declare dominion with both fierceness and tenderness.

Eileen Fauver

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I help parents struggling with their child, a challenging co-parent, or their own reactivity by offering a space to reflect and identify what they really want. Together, we unwind what isn’t working and create new practices so they can be present, connected and creatively respond to whatever challenges arise.

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