Families and Children

Eileen Fauver

I help parents struggling with their child, a challenging co-parent, or their own reactivity by offering a space to reflect and identify what they really want. Together, we unwind what isn’t working and create new practices so they can be present, connected and creatively respond to whatever challenges arise.

Theresa Trosky

Ready to experience the love, connection and belonging you yearn for? I’ll help you connect with your wisest and best self, take the power back from your inner critic, ground yourself in the confidence to open your heart, trust yourself and speak up for yourself so you can have it.

Kimm T DeHart

I specialize in supporting Individuals/families and couples in practical and emotional aspects of adoption.

In addition, I coach teens who want to explore their issues, build their self-confidence and enhance their personal skills by providing guidance, empathic listening, support in a safe, nurturing environment.

Sherry Ellingson

Sherry specializes in working with Business owners, professionals, college students, stay at home parents and Pre-marital Couples. She helps in areas such as stress and anxiety management, divorce and separation, college students, body image, mindfulness, spirituality, career path and balance, and more.

Randi Rubenstein

I love to work with mother’s/primary parents to achieve more calm and joy in their lives and families. I believe in an adult focused approach with the trickle down effect of richer more connected family relationships AND a big emphasis on fun!

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