Allison Anachristie

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I am a heart guide, creative leadership coach, healer/intuitive, storyteller and Earth ally. I assist empaths in embodying the SOUL, awakening the HEART & remembering TRUTH – to live in our deepest fulfillment, peace, power & purpose. I embrace and and honor the mess, the glory and everything in between.

Lisa Graham

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Lisa Powell Graham is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and Harvard MPA, specializing in leadership coaching; helping women heal from trauma; and travel adventure retreats for women who want to lead bold, brave lives. Lisa is completing a book about her global travels and spiritual path. Her passion is helping women soar.

Susan Fang

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Imagine how incredible you’d feel: sharing your dreams and fears in a safe, supportive haven; exploring possibilities and creating opportunities; building courage and owning a room with confidence. In the blended role of confidante, cheerleader and coach, we hold space for you to be heard.

Nancy Pauls

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Nancy is an ordained clergy woman, spiritual director and coach who can help you navigate your spiritual life. We become healthiest when we grow in mind, body, and spirit. Nancy is a safe, non-judgmental guide who will help you make sense of all aspects of your spiritual life.

Kelly Lee Bennett

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Kelly Lee Bennett – Firestarter! As an international executive, equus, life coach, speaker and author I help people Ignite their Life, Teams and Entire organizations! I work one-on-one, facilitate groups and seminars, retreats and workshops.

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