Rita Sá Santos

Hi I´m Rita! As a Intuitive Coach I believe the true of our your life is in with you and i`m interest in it. The work we have to do is internal, with our feminine and masculine, and we fulfil the responsibility of being connected to our essence. Book your appointment for an online mini session here, wherever you are!

Mariangela Maguire

Working with people managing the complex demands of everyday life, I listen deeply, offer clear observations, and provide new perspectives. Our shared purpose is for you to observe your thoughts and feelings and challenge those that stand between you and your authentic, rewarding, and satisfying life.

Eva Reifler

Do you long to access your unexploited skills and take your life’s course in your own hands? What about accessing your undiscovered resources and tapping into the vivid realms of your imagination? Welcome to visionpure and its wonderful horses, accompanying YOU on YOUR unique journey to self-discovery and joy.

Sunita Alves

If you work in technology – IT, engineering, project management – you know work can be time-sucking, joy-draining, family-depriving, and frustrating beyond belief. Listen up: It does NOT have to be that way! I help overworking professionals slow down, live in pre-retirement joy, and master leadership basics.

Jana Berghoefer

Workplace Provocateur + Self-Mastery Coach + Intuitive I am a people strategist, talent grower, culture builder and soul seer. My life’s work is to help individuals and organizations make deep and meaningful changes so they can better serve the world.

Maryanne Nicholls

I specialize in helping people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, or burnout – and want to regain the passion and energy they once had – by combining the complementary modalities of Martha Beck Coaching and Shamanism.

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