Work / Life Balance

Mary Jermann

As a life coach, business and nonprofit consultant, I help individuals overcome personal and professional hurdles to arrive at their best “selves.” I have a special passion for caregivers. Our world is in great need of you, our healers, to bring peace and harmony to yourselves, and those you love.

Kitty Flewelling

I help women, coaches and helping professionals find lasting, peaceful solutions that balance creative livelihood, loving relationships, and self-care. If you are ready to go deep, befriend the beautiful monsters that have been standing in your way and unveil your deepest well-being then schedule a complimentary call.

Gloria Walker

All of our relationships, whether personal or professional, are shaped by the way we communicate. Helping women tap into the personal power that comes from clear communication with others and authentic communication with Self, boosted by a healthy dose of mindfulness, is my passion.

Cathy Dean

Do you put tons of pressure on yourself to succeed? Do you tend towards perfectionism? Are you overwhelmed? I help in-demand high achievers reduce stress and gain more energy so they can do their best work in the world. Let me help you become a calm achiever.

Allyson Scammell

I help passionate entrepreneurs and creative-types looking to change careers or start a new business to get the clarity and courage to take bold action towards their goals and dreams. Learn more on my website and by signing up for a FREE 10-day Bold Action Challenge.

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