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Bay Rummel

Houston, Texas
(713) 806-2882

What if the challenges you’re facing are there to help you let go of what/who you aren’t, so you can move into greater alignment with your essential genius and purpose; experience more ease and abundance?  Bay specializes in helping people “let it go”  and live without regret.

Specialties: Business / Career, Creativity, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Men's Issues, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Sports, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Claudia Russell

Tucson, Arizona
520 760-2329

Life coaching is about transformation from aimless drifting to a life filled with purpose, joy, and inner peace. Imagine, reclaiming YOU and loving it! Helping clients to regain their inherent power and to transform themselves is a great privilege and honor. I look forward to hearing from you!

Specialties: Business / Career, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

Felicia M. Ryan

Lynn, Massachusetts

Creativity, resilience, and personal experience help me profoundly understand what it takes to change your life when you feel overwhelmed. Together we focus on setting realistic goals, finding hidden strengths, and putting your life back in balance so you can thrive rather than just survive.

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Personal Growth, Relationships, Weight Loss, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Jess Ryan

Syracuse, New York
315 382-8554

My passion is to help women living with anxiety, depression, or bipolar to thrive as parents and individuals.

I provide emotional support to help women feel calmer and more confident about their parenting. 

I provide organizational support so women can enjoy a peaceful home and family.


Specialties: Families and Children, Women's Issues

Catherine Saar

Brookline, Massachusetts

I consult with artists and business professionals who struggle with procrastination, stress or career issues. Together, we turn these struggles into do-able projects and create practical, meaningful solutions that empower you to achieve your goals, whether it’s changing jobs, coping with a difficult boss, or writing a screenplay.

Specialties: Business / Career, Entrepreneur, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Work / Life Balance

Linda Salyers

303 803-5382

Linda is a Women’s Empowerment Coach; helping each woman reconnect with her true purpose. She helps women become Self-Centered. She believes there is nothing more powerful than a woman who has learned to love herself. Everything else, from good health and happiness to prosperity and peace, will flow from that


Helen Samson Mullen PhD

Wilmington, Delaware
302 477-0340

You are not broken, you are whole. I am an integrated life and career coach, helping my clients connect with their hearts to experience their greatness. Connect with your essence through my signature, whole-heart coaching programs that effectively help you develop your potential with courage and compassion.

Specialties: Business / Career, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Weight Loss, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

Rhonda Sandler

Prescott, Arizona
928 925-0123

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Relationships, Weight Loss, Women's Issues
CertifiedRelationship Certified

Melissa A. Sanford

Tempe, Arizona
480 413-0111

I help women find a place of peace, joy, purpose and abundance in the midst of infertility.

Specialties: General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Women's Issues

Nancy Jo Scarborough

Winfield, Illinois

I use art and creative processes to foster healing, along with other powerful coaching tools. I create safe and sacred space for us to do our work together. It would be my privilege to meet you.

Specialties: Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth