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november-2016I don’t often yammer about “manifesting” because I think the whole topic is a bit cheesy. On the other hand (she said, blushing) I know it works. Call it the Law of Attraction, call it selective attention, call it karma, call it long distance and tell it to jump off a bridge if you want—the plain truth is that we basically experience the world we think into being.

I’ve been mulling this over for years. I wrote my most recent book—Diana, Herself— as “fantasy fiction” so I could describe the magic I experience without being institutionalized. But after all this time, I’ve only just noticed a detail about manifestational technique that (she said, blushing harder) has made a huge difference for me. I want to pass it on to you.

We all know (she said, trying to make everyone blush) that focusing intensely on something, then letting go of all attachment to it, seems to manifest what we think. Intention, attention, no tension. Those are the basic ingredients.

I was recently surprised to realize that in addition to the things I want, I’ve also been using those ingredients to create logjams and stalemates in my life. I realized that my unhealed traumas—or, to be precise, the erroneous beliefs that come from them—are sending out strong manifesting signals that contradict what I want to experience.

For example, say I want to bring more love into my life. I can intend the hell out of this desire. I can spend hours picturing myself embraced by a wonderful community, including hundreds of puppies and kittens linked together in some Lady-Gaga-costume-like configuration. That intention goes out into the universe. So far, so good. BUT…

If a childhood trauma once made me feel alone, and I haven’t healed and integrated that traumatized part of myself, my child-self is still insistently projecting “I’M ALONE!” I may not even know my traumatized self is there, but her fears and mistaken beliefs will “manifest” exactly what she’s saying. She may cancel out my positive statements, such as, “I am surrounded by countless friends who love me so much they carve my bust in cheese for their annual Thanksgiving festival.” The net result for me is…not much. I’ll just repeatedly manifest the same blend of hope, itty-bitty improvements and setbacks I’ve had all along.


Positive statements mean nothing to a lonely (or frightened, or impoverished, or powerless) child. That child needs you to put down the vision-board glue and turn your attention to her (or him) the way you would to any traumatized person who stumbled, lost and broken, into your proximity.

This is where manifestation meets self-help, coaching, and therapy. Stopping everything to turn inward and clear out false beliefs created by trauma is the way to empower your “magical” self. Go to a shrink, a coach, an AA group. Find any pain you haven’t yet addressed. Notice how you’ve attached beliefs to the trauma, like “I’m alone” (or “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have enough money,” etc., etc.). Dissolve those beliefs with sharing, compassion, connection, and/or The Work of Byron Katie. As the trauma-beliefs dissolve, they’ll stop shouting their pain into the void—and manifesting what they shout.

At this point, you’ll find that desires you’ve had for years will begin to manifest like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Everything you want now has a clear, unblocked channel through which it can reach you. You will not believe the stuff that shows up (write me a Facebook post and tell me)!

Today, try setting the intention to track and identify the hurt aspects of yourself, the ones that are shouting the opposite of your desires. Then, instead of trying to suppress them, give them positive attention. Love them. Teach them. Get help for them. Don’t give up until their story about the world begins to warm and soften. Then the state of no tension will emerge by itself, more powerfully than you’ve ever felt it. Lie back and relax. Everything you’ve ordered is on its way. Before you know it, they’ll be carving your likeness in cheese.

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Your work has benefitted me immensely, thank you so much.
    I've used the four technologies of.magic for.many things (thank you), from a pregnancy (that occurred 16 years after my next oldest child and gave me a wonderful baby) to a job that is exactly what I wanted (down to the small amount of work I actually do out of my house while using my degrees and having loads of fun).
    Thank you- really and truly- for this blog post.

  2. Caryl Westmore
    Caryl Westmore says:

    Oh yes!! That's why after seeking for many years as a journalist to heal what I knew was related to growing up with an alcoholic father, and praying and intending for the life of my dreams with money (from helping others heal) true love and joy writing books that uplift and inspire(and expanded my reach beyond Southern Africa where I was based) I discovered this same AHA and became an early adopter/trainer in 2002 via THE JOURNEY (Brandon Bays) and EFT Matrix Reimprinting. All I know is that prior to that all my life I practised Positive Thinking and LOA as espoused in New Thought luminaries like Norman Vincent Peale and Catherine Ponder and so many more. But I was shown that it really works effectively ( for me and clients) when you root out the triggering trauma or vivid life event that set up your life view and beliefs (often before the age of 6…even at birth or in the womb… and in some cases past lives! Today 16 years later I truly live the life I manifested with my dream man, money and several Amazon books; Skype coaching etc and thanks to the internet living between homes in U.K./ SA and offering this in gratitude and appreciation for your amazing brilliance and soul talk that has often been a guiding star during my journey. Thank you Martha!

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Have your fears join you for tea. Welcome them. Group hug them!
    I saw you speak in Whistler BC. I bent a fork.
    I'm for a 1:1 weekend retreat with Martha will magically manifest. You live and love AUTHENTICALLY. ❤️

  4. kdmi
    kdmi says:

    Hi Martha — This column is arrow-hitting-bullseye true for me!

    I too am a fan of Byron Katie's The Work. I spent many years as a professional journalist and my love of questions helped me find a home in The Work as I "interview" those voices in my head that have long shouted negative, angry thoughts. For years I pushed them down, ignored them, avoided them. But now I welcome them in; I ask them to speak up so I can clearly hear them. Sometimes these thoughts show up in such numbers I ask them to take a seat and come up one by one 🙂

    But oh what a difference it makes! One primo example: My daughter had her heart set on going to a high school that is one of the best in our state, but also one of the most expensive. I had just closed up my home-based business, and my husband is a truck driver nearing retirement (we are late-in-life parents). We'd collected debt the way some people gather rosebuds.

    Yet when I finally did The Work on my negative, often angry, thoughts about money/rich relatives/the wealthy top 1 percent, I found myself feeling at peace and even joyful. Suddenly I started to get excited about quantum physics, the power of acting "as if" we were living our dream, even decluttering our house. My daughter got excited too. And then out of the blue we got an unexpected phone call that doubled our income. Not kidding. I called the school with this news; our daughter was accepted & the school even gave us a big financial grant to help cover a chunk of the tuition. I was able to stop working at a grinding pace — the first time since I was 17 years old — and devote time, prayer, & quiet focus on doing The Work and discovering my own North Star. I've even put money into savings — almost unheard of before I questioned my thoughts in my debtors-prison of a mindset. For the first time since we were married we have no credit card debt. I've even written out a faux check showing us paying off the mortgage; I taped it to my bedroom mirror because it looks so good on reflection 🙂

    Martha Beck, you've been a guiding light for me for years. Thank you, from my heart to yours…love you to the moon & back…

  5. Helga
    Helga says:

    I've probably read ever book on the power of the mind and how to change your beliefs to change your life. I thought I pretty much had my mind on lock down to go where I wanted. What I noticed was that my body wouldn't cooperate. The closer I got to what I wanted the more my body would react with fits of anxiety and panic, no matter how much I tried to think soothing thoughts. I could totally see all the things I was taught as a child "shouting their pain into the void—and manifesting what they shout." –Over and over. I'm recognizing that and looking forward to what comes next. Now I'm off to pick up a copy of Diane Herself.

  6. Chris
    Chris says:

    I'm very grateful for all your techniques offered. I read two of your books and lived them both. I can totally relate having gone thru. Many of the same childhood traumas as you did and was also raised LDS. Loved the book Diana-Myself!

  7. Sheryl Greenfield
    Sheryl Greenfield says:

    Stop it Martha.. i am freaken crying right are speaking my language.. You showed up as one of my angels today..I prayed this morning ( hey it something new that i have added to my spiritual practices) its exactly where I am at…ready to go deeper ( even though I freaken though I was.. there is still resistance .. I am so ready to let go of some more pain that is blocking my heart .. this will be such a gift and more for me to give back . .. Would you have a referral for a psychotherapist in the Phila Area that is spiritual, someone wise, compassionate, empathetic yet is willing to say what need to be said.and also is committed to her own healing and growth .someone walking their talk not just talking it !!! You are the best ..thanks for all the work that you do to heal and for taking that out into the world to make a difference in so many lives and for showing up authentically you ..I am grateful !!

  8. Rachel Lombara
    Rachel Lombara says:

    I'm a clinical paychologist who has spent 25 years in research, theory and practice. And, I haven't limited myself to science in my efforts to understand and help people; I've studied religion and mythology as well. I've looked at outside-in ways of helping people improve their lives (never rule out the power of a great haircut) and inside-out ways as well (nutrition, sun are some of the easiest).
    I count myself as one of the lucky few who had a tremendous clinical mentor who taught me the most important things about how to be helpful in therapy. I've worked with widely known researchers.

    But, when I personally need a lift… when I run into a logjam, you know who's work I turn to? Yours, Martha Beck. For years, you have helped me move beyond crises and difficulties. You've provided analogies, explanations and tips that rival the best of psychology and religion. You are the best at translating age-old wisdom into digestible, relevant, modern nuggets. I've never met you, but you have been a close friend whispering in my ear and encouraging me…. for well over a decade.
    I don't know whether or not you'll ever see this, but it's important to me to let you know how helpful you have been to me…and, consequently, to the people I try to help.


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