person walking alone along a path through green fields by mountains

I want to tell you a secret about that really big decision you’re trying to make. You know the one. Ready? Here it is: You have already made that decision. 

Say what?

Your brain may not have told you yet, but it’s true: You don’t have to decide. You just have to access the part of your mind in which the decision is made.

I’ve coached thousands of people through big decisions, so I’ve seen how it works. If you can get that brilliant, busy brain of yours to calm down, you’ll find your answer waiting peacefully inside you. It’s been there all along.

Today I’m opening the doors to my Wayfinder Life Coach Training. In a few months, some of you reading this will be walking through those doors and into a new community, a new set of life skills, and a new vocation. But before we do anything, we have to decide to do it. 

The answers to life’s big decisions come from a place very deep inside you. You’ve probably been taught to ignore this part of yourself because it doesn’t always agree with the people around you. But you can learn to connect with it, and it will lead you to your right life and your joy.

  1. The first step is to get still. Take a few minutes to sit in a quiet place, knowing that during that time, you don’t have to take any action at all. Just relax and breathe.
  2. Second, remember a time in your life that was peaceful and enjoyable. It might be just an hour you once spent on the beach, or a job you loved, or hanging out with a loved one.
  3. Focus on the feeling that appears in your body as you recall this peaceful time. Let yourself melt into it. Feel its temperature, its texture, its location: is it in your head, your legs, your gut? Don’t force it or change it. Just enjoy it.
  4. As you focus on peace, imagine a light appearing in the center of your chest. It increases in size and brightness as you relax.
  5. Now, vividly imagine what will happen as you make an important choice. If your decision is about joining Wayfinder Life Coach Training, I’ll guide you through this step. As you imagine, watch to see whether the light you are radiating grows or shrinks, gets brighter or dimmer, or changes color.
    • Imagine joining me, my incredible instructors, and your peers for classes and live coaching. In these sessions, you’ll learn to embrace your true self, and dissolve obstacles that may have limited you in the past.
    • Imagine connecting with other smart, caring people who have committed to serving their truth, other people, and the world.
    • Imagine learning simple, powerful tools that will dramatically change your life—and the lives of people you coach—without stress or pressure.
    • Imagine, after nine months of this transformation, with a toolbox of new skills, how you’ll approach the world: empowered, energized, and on purpose. Picture living your life—in your present job, with your family, around your creative ideas—with this new feeling. See what appears!
    • Imagine the effect your fulfillment and your new skills will have on others. Picture that light in your chest reaching out to touch ten, hundreds—maybe even thousands of people. Feel the brilliance and power of your light.

As you let yourself imagine the future more and more vividly, your light will change depending on the decision your essential self has already made. If your true self wants to move forward, the images will be bright and beautiful. If they seem dim or unpleasant, your true self has already decided to go another way.

Whatever choice you’re facing right now, I hope this exercise can give you a few minutes of deep satisfaction and wonder, as well as clarity. And if you’ve already started “wayfinding” toward my coach training, I’m waiting to welcome you with open arms!