backpacker hiking next to big rock in the forest

You may have noticed that it’s getting wilder and wilder around these parts (and by “these parts” I mean planet Earth). Familiar industries are toppling, traditional family models are no longer dominant, and every social structure is being transformed. This is flat-out terrifying for most people.


But I suspect you aren’t most people.


There’s a certain type of human being who never really thrived in the old structures to begin with. I’m one of them. I’m guessing you are too. Unorthodox and almost unable to conform, we’ve always wanted to color outside the lines. After years of studying the people in every society who fit this pattern, I borrowed the term “Wayfinders” to describe what we may become.


Right now, watching the world get wilder, we Wayfinders are feeling something equally wild awakening within ourselves. And this part of us isn’t afraid. It’s excited.


Lately, you may feel yourself chafing under the burden of career and social roles. You may yearn to chart your own course, to explore your unique potential. You may feel equally drawn to helping others as change continues to disrupt their lives. If so, your Wayfinder self is stirring.


I’ve been obsessed with this for decades. After years of research into everything from brain science to ancient wisdom traditions, I created Wayfinder Life Coach Training, a Harvard-meets-Hogwarts program that helps you master the instincts born into your wild self. With simple but powerful tools, the training teaches you to find your own path through the wild world, and then guide others.


As change continues (and you can bet Granny’s dentures it will), more and more people desperately need the guidance you’ll learn to offer as a Wayfinder Life Coach. There has never been a better time for you to add skill and technique to your inborn Wayfinder tendencies.


I would so love to welcome you to join our tribe of Wayfinders. It’s a community of compassionate, intuitive, creative, delightful people, united in following their unique paths while supporting each other.


The world is giving us just two options these days: to get bewildered, or to get “be-wilder-ed.” If you feel a thrill at the thought of navigating wild times with your own wild self, if you feel a call to serve others in their confusion and fear, pay attention. It may be time to formally begin your Wayfinding adventure.


See you soon, wildling.