group of people smiling in a huddle with their hands together in the middle of the circle

I always used to tell my clients that if they moved to a new geographic area, they could expect to feel disoriented for about a year. Well, now I’m eating those words. Because I’ve discovered something that wasn’t true when I started coaching. In the past couple of decades, we’ve ALL moved to a new place. THE SAME PLACE!


As far as houses go, I recently uprooted from the West Coast of the USA and plopped to earth “back East.” But I haven’t felt much disorientation. Why?


Because you and I are still meeting where we always have! Here!


As you read this, you may be sipping tea in your bedroom, checking your phone in your dentist’s waiting room, or orbiting Earth in a spacecraft. I may be burying coins in my backyard or combing a raccoon. But in a very real sense, we are together, right here, right now, in what the indigenous Australians call the Everywhen.


One reason I always feel surrounded by friends is the Gathering Room. This is a weekly broadcast I’ve been beaming out on Sundays since a few months before I left California. I decided I’d just turn on the camera, talk about what’s on my mind—as long as it’s at all useful—and see who would join me.


Each week when my co-conspirator Rowan Mangan (AKA the Gracious Badger) sets up the computer and we see people popping into the Gathering Room from all over the world, I’m absolutely awestruck. The planet feels so small and intimate, the consciousness of love so huge, that I’m convinced all over again that we really can fix things.


So if you’re a Gathering Roomster, this is my heartfelt thank-you note. If not, no worries. Gather in your own space, whenever and with whomever feels right to you. Let’s keep spinning webs of connection until we weave a shining mantle strong enough to save the world.


My favorite saying these days is something that my CEO, Jennifer Voss, says, “Play in the magic, stay in the real.” I am so chock full of gratitude to live in a time of such magic, with such real and amazing playmates. See you in the Everywhen!