circular rainbow light reflection

I want to tell you a little story that I hope will give you hope and comfort.

At a time when everything in my life was falling apart—my body, my finances, my family—I got onto a plane and sat down in a window seat. The shades were down to keep the Arizona heat out of the plane.

Sitting there with nothing to do, overwhelmed by panic and sorrow, I rummaged in my travel backpack for gum and found a little meditation book someone had given me on a previous trip.

I opened the book to a random page and found instructions for a visualization to use in hard times. The first step was to close my eyes and imagine a circle of light around me. Sounded pretty generic, but it couldn’t hurt. I did it.

The next step was to imagine that the light around me was my favorite color. “But I love ALL the colors,” I thought. So I imagined a rainbow around me.

Then the plane took off. As we rose through a layer of clouds, I felt a sudden urge to open the window shade. What I saw through the window is pictured above. It’s a rare weather phenomenon known as a “glory,” where the shadow of a plane is surrounded by—well, see for yourself.

People, it’s not just me. The poet Hafiz wrote: “A long time ago, God drew a circle around the place where you’re standing now.” There’s a circle around each of us. There’s a circle around you.

Wherever you are, however you’re feeling, you are circled by glory. Here, now. Everywhere, always.

I’ve spent my life teaching people to sense the light around them, just by tuning into their true selves. I’m teaching a course about it that starts in a few days. It’s called PRACTICAL WAYFINDING. You can read more about the course and sign up by following the link.

Be well.