I have incredible news! My latest book, The Way of Integrity, has been selected as the next Oprah’s Book Club pick! This is such a wonderful thing I’ve never let myself hope for it (well, okay… maybe a couple of times).

Martha holding The Way of Integrity with an Oprah Book Club seal.

    Have you already read the book? If so, you’ll know why I’m so excited. I put my whole soul on the page with that one in my quest to heal what’s broken in the world one life at a time.

    And Oprah got it. I mean, she GETS it.

    This is what Oprah said about the book:

    “For over fifteen years, I have looked to Martha Beck for her wisdom, and marveled at how she helps people through crises in their lives with such grace, insight, and humor. As we all navigate this watershed moment in our collective history, The Way of Integrity provides a roadmap on the journey to truth and authenticity. Her latest work is filled with aha moments and practical exercises that can guide us as we seek enlightenment.”

    Thanks for reading this. I couldn’t wait to tell you the news!