All of Creation

All of us anxious people have our own special, horrible “flavor” of anxiety, like the worst wine in the world. 
My usual anxiety has a primary flavor of overwhelm, with strong notes of powerlessness and an underlying base note of terror and despair.

The Connection Solution

You’ve seen it on TV a hundred times. 
The great detective (or doctor or scientist or whatever) has been working the case night and day, with no success. 

The Secret Doorway

I spent years trying to escape anxiety before I found the way out. I meditated, followed guided visualizations, tried every calm-down method I could find in self-help books.

Calming Your Creature

I’d like to offer you an invitation: for the next few minutes—maybe the time it takes you to read this—take a break from your anxiety. Just block it out and be here now.

Meet Your Creature

I used to be stuck in a life-coaching paradox: Many of my most articulate clients seemed unable to understand anything I said to them.

Why you’re so anxious . . .

Are you feeling a bit anxious? Maybe a lot anxious? Yeah, me too.
We’re hardly alone: there are more anxious people walking the earth right now than ever before.
Development Alchemy + Aim