Darren Stoupe

I work with men & women who want to ditch their self-doubts, and negative-thinking, so that they can grab life by the coconuts. Whether it’s creating a beautiful work of art, building your dream business, or just having more balance, a life that ignites and inspires you is the ticket. :-)

Claire Takahashi

I support my clients in navigating their storms and embracing creativity, stillness and ritual to live a more restorative, connected life. I live on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish people. Most days you can find me covered in either paint, dog hair, dirt – or a combo of all three!

Pat Beaupre Becker

I believe the world has been waiting for you.  You have a gift to share.  You may not know what that gift is and that is OK.  Beliefs can obstruct our vision.  I know mine did.  I believe you matter.  I want to share tools that just might convince you.

Jana Berghoefer

Workplace Provocateur + Self-Mastery Coach + Intuitive I am a people strategist, talent grower, culture builder and soul seer. My life’s work is to help individuals and organizations make deep and meaningful changes so they can better serve the world.

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