General Life Coaching

Susan Fang

Imagine how incredible you’d feel: sharing your dreams and fears in a safe, supportive haven; exploring possibilities and creating opportunities; building courage and owning a room with confidence. In the blended role of confidante, cheerleader and coach, we hold space for you to be heard.

Heather Sontag

I work with overwhelmed moms to help them create positive habits and mindset shifts to move them from overwhelmed to empowered.

Emily Neumann

Creative, Saucy, One-of-A-Kind I help women tune up their relationships, sexuality, style, health and personal mission so that they can be at peace with who they are and confidently create the life they desire.

Nancy Paddock

Victim of a tragic history? I was, until a Near Death Experience instantly changed me. I can help you realize your unlimited potential through the blessings of my experience. Your story can trap you or transform you. Let me help you find peace and joy through your deepest wounds.

Dawn L. Lehman

Dawn Lehman is facilitator and coach who helps people and organizations to live in alignment with their ideals and to see the full humanity in one another.

She draws from deep practice with mindfulness and restorative justice to help people live into their full power by looking deeply at the truth or their experience.

Deborah Schwartz

I am an Indigenous woman (Métis), passionate about culture and ceremony to heal and flourish. My own experiences of “over-working/people-pleasing” taught me to honour burn-out and disillusionment as transformative turning points which connect us to our authenticity and set us free to walk our true path.

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