General Life Coaching

Kathy Oppegard

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Rediscover your creativity, resilience and joy through my practical, playful coaching.

I can help you: * Go from feeling dry and dreary to getting your inner shine back and laughing more. * Negotiate transitions and big decisions (eeek!) with clarity. * Create your own resilience (fill your cup!) with simple, life-friendly tools.

Mary Jane Odhner

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I help women who carry extra weight on their bodies, in their hearts and in their heads, by working with them to remove negative influences, improve their relationship with their bodies and to learn to infuse more joy into their everyday lives.

Deb Peretz

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Getting unstuck Aligning with karmic purpose Pursuing happiness Achieving goals Astrology and Past life infused coaching Life coaching Business coaching Relationship coaching Career coaching

Nancy Pauls

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Nancy is an ordained clergy woman, spiritual director and coach who can help you navigate your spiritual life. We become healthiest when we grow in mind, body, and spirit. Nancy is a safe, non-judgmental guide who will help you make sense of all aspects of your spiritual life.

Rachael Gilligan

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I help women reclaim their spark, so they live a life they love. I work with women who are a bit dissatisfied, and not sure why. Busy, overwhelmed women who want a change. When women who want to find themselves again, I can help them find their way.

Britta Kimpel

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Are you looking for more meaning and purpose? Do you want to slow down and feel more connected? In my work, I combine spirituality with my background in psychology, yoga & embodiment as well as meditation to help you to find your way back to your Authentic Self.

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