Grief and Loss

Tami Bacskay

BA Psychology Rutgers Addiction Counseling Villanova

Leading clients to truth, freedom and authenticty every day.

Lisa Meece

I provide unflinching kindness and relentless compassion. Having someone on your side doesn’t make it easy to be your true self in the world, but it can provide the support you need to feel like you aren’t alone on this journey.

Pam Tittle

As a personal trainer for your soul, I help you to harness the power of your thoughts so that you can easily and gracefully navigate life transitions, improve and strengthen relationships with self and others and to alleviate pain by exploring the mind-body connection.

Leslie Plesac

I coach smart women and men who find themselves facing challenging situations – relationship change, career transition or any other life circumstance that has them asking, “what now?” I work with people of all ages and have been coaching for more than six years.

Tasha Dalrymple

I believe that we can all live life wide open with virtually no limits on what is possible. I help brilliant people face their fears and feel confident so that they can share their gifts with the world and create a life they truly love.

Michelle Gillette

I help women: Gain clarity on what they want in their life, relationships and/or career; Determine their next career/vocation move; Get their mojo, marketability or figures back; and take their lives from good to great, making it feel more meaningful, purpose-driven and peaceful. Specialty: working with moms.

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