Angela Jackson

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Angela specializes in supporting clients through grief. She helps clients find happiness on the other side of grief and loss, offering one on one coaching sessions and Equus sessions.

Nancy Pauls

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Nancy is an ordained clergy woman, spiritual director and coach who can help you navigate your spiritual life. We become healthiest when we grow in mind, body, and spirit. Nancy is a safe, non-judgmental guide who will help you make sense of all aspects of your spiritual life.

Catherine Copeland

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Cat works with Sensitives and Empaths one-on-one and in groups, to empower women to empower themselves. Through creating a safe, non-judgmental place to explore the mind-body-spirit connection, she shares personalized tools that better help support self, enjoy life and attain dreams.

Gail Tremblay

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I use a mind body spirit approach to get unstuck, to let go of struggling and suffering. I have experience helping clients with food addictions, anxiety, and self-doubt. I teach my clients how to upgrade their thoughts, feelings and actions to create peace, love, and joy in their lives.

Aubri Tallent

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I help women reconnect to who they really are and what they truly want. As the mother of a child with special needs, I also love helping mothers reclaim themselves outside of the caregiver role and show up more fully in all areas of their lives.

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