Irina Prokofieva

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Are you looking for support in bringing your soul purpose to life? Would you like to live your life with more ease and flow? I help women and conscious entrepreneurs to align with their feminine power, and release beliefs and subconscious programming that are holding them back so that they can show up for their true dreams.

Nancy J. McKay

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I use my experiences of recovery and a survivor of ovarian cancer to help women, most are over 50, who are going through a major life challenge and wonder what the hell happened. They feel lost and afraid. I help them find the silver lining in their circumstance so they can feel happy and at peace with their life.

Gail Blesch

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You already possess everything you need to live the life you intended. Sometimes you just need help accessing it. Through Chakra Numerology + Intuitive Coaching discover your life themes and soul dreams, energy patterns and beliefs, to allow your unique magic and activate your innate well-being. Then go live your joy.

Susan Fang

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Imagine how incredible you’d feel: sharing your dreams and fears in a safe, supportive haven; exploring possibilities and creating opportunities; building courage and owning a room with confidence. In the blended role of confidante, cheerleader and coach, we hold space for you to be heard.

Catherine Copeland

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Cat works with Sensitives and Empaths one-on-one and in groups, to empower women to empower themselves. Through creating a safe, non-judgmental place to explore the mind-body-spirit connection, she shares personalized tools that better help support self, enjoy life and attain dreams.

Deanne Weinberger

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I help humans of all ages and backgrounds create deep connections with themselves, their lives, and those around them.

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