Jesse Martini

Hi, I’m Jesse. I’m a coach, a wife, a mother, and an autoimmune warrior. I help women find their way out of the darkness of chronic pain and fatigue and into the light of their own lives. My clients lose the weight and reach their goals with ease, compassion, and lots of JOY, no matter their physical limitations.

Kathryn Lucatelli

Are you ready to step into your YES and Wholeheartedly live in your NOW? Let’s get started. I can’t wait to accompany you on this journey. It’s going to be fun.

Irina Prokofieva

Are you looking for support in bringing your soul purpose to life? Would you like to live your life with more ease and flow? I help women and conscious entrepreneurs to align with their feminine power, and release beliefs and subconscious programming that are holding them back so that they can show up for their true dreams.

Susan Terry

Your life is a song; let your heart sing. My intention is to hold a sacred space for you uncover your true life song and purpose and use your special gifts while on this life journey.


Parents, family members or friends; we often lose our true self when we care about someone struggling with alcoholism or addiction. You may feel trapped in a jail of thoughts, fears, anger, grief, confusion. I can help. We can sort through thoughts, work on boundaries, process feelings and dissolve the jail. Freedom.

Rebecca Meinschein

Living in Survival Mode? I’ll help you calm your body and mind so you can break free from the past and finally show up with confidence, strength and trust in your life and relationships. Especially for survivors of toxic and chronic stress, Adult Children of Dysfunction, HSP’s & Empaths.

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