So You Think You Can’t Dance: WHO CARES?

Once again yesterday, I got a lesson from my son, who’s been practicing ballroom dance in his man-cave.

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  1. Janet
    Janet says:

    Hey – remember when you wrote about Adam desperately needing new moves? Obviously you made sure that happened! Looking GOOOOOOOD!

  2. Kelly Pratt
    Kelly Pratt says:

    Martha! Thanks for sharing Adam’s joy of dancing. My niece, Naomi, is similarly talented. She’s the self proclaimed ROCK AND ROLL CHICK and dances with abandon daily. We rock out often together… she keeps me smiling!

  3. Pat Bergeron
    Pat Bergeron says:

    I will take your suggestion to heart as I perform in my recital this Saturday. I WILL dance as if no one is watching! Keep movin’, Adam! We KNOW how much fun it is!

  4. marissa meyer-guess
    marissa meyer-guess says:

    When I watched this, I experienced pure joy that carried me for the rest of the day that kept me free from any rediculous noise from creeping in. Thanks for sharing this with us Martha and for Adam for teaching us how to be free 🙂

  5. Alysia Nealon
    Alysia Nealon says:

    I didn’t know men learned these kinds of moves in man-caves?!! Holy Crap! My man will be spending much more time down there and I am throwing in a Donna Summer CD next time! xoxoxo

  6. Teresa Bruce
    Teresa Bruce says:

    I loved this video – reminds me of my muse, the dancer Byrne Miller. She taught dance and brought dance to the deep South in the 60s – and loved the Snoopy saying, if you can’t dance, at least have a happy hop!

  7. Darla
    Darla says:

    I just reread “Expecting Adam” so I was interested to see how he looks now. I swear, this is the absolute truth, about three seconds in I fell in love. My stomach actually did a little flip.

    It must be the angel factor! God Bless Adam and thank you for sharing this wonderful video!

  8. Marie
    Marie says:

    Wow, Adam’s a great dancer!
    I feel I have already got to know him because I have read so many stories about him in your books.

    I’ve always wanted to tell you that, like Oprah, I go to your article first when I get a new O magazine. And, like Oprah, I think you are the most intelligent woman on earth. Actually, ‘intelligent’ isn’t the word; you are wise. Your books and articles have meant so much to me. I have been printing out your articles published on the Oprah Website, and I’ve got quite a collection now!

    I love you to bits, Martha! Please keep showing us the Way.


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